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You want to create the best day out, party or event but you are unsure on the best way to get all the guests organised? Take a read below and see how we advise you to get them on board and make sure you are not sweating come activity day.
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Stag Do organisation advice

Organising a stag do can initially seem like a daunting task so here at Lets Race we have written this guide to ensure a stag party with all of the fun and none of the drama.

Firstly where do you start?

It goes without saying that the earlier you can book your venue and accommodation the better, so the first thing you will need is the wedding date. Stag parties usually occur within a few weeks of the wedding and we think giving your self around 3 to 4 months to organise your stag will minimise any potential issues and give you time to sort out any problems that may pop up. If you do have less time than this then don't worry, you can still do it but get started as soon as possible. Next is finding out who is on the invite list, along with their contact details and open up discussions with them as soon as possible.

Availability and budget for the stag do

More than likely, every member of the party will have a different schedule and budget, so make sure you open up a large group discussion with every so you can find the date the majority can do and the sort of budget they can afford. Try to set a minimum cost figure that will include travel, accommodation (if going away), activity costs, planned evening costs such as night club entry and dinner and then they will know what they need to save or have available. With enough warning, most will be able to afford to come as long as the plans are reasonable and you have chosen activities they really want to do.

Where to stay?

Something to bear in mind is that there are only a limited number of hotels that will take stag parties. You will want to book somewhere close to the action to take out the expense and logistical nightmare of booking cabs for people to and from your venues, but you're in luck as we are based just a minute from Gatwick airport and all the hotels that come with it. This is another reason why booking early is a good idea to make sure you get the hotel you want and avoid disappointment. It is unlikely that your sag party will end with Lets Race, so if you want to hit the nightlife of London or Brighton, there are direct trains from Horley, with a fantastic local cab firm able to get you there in 3 minutes, or you can walk off the sim action in just 10 minutes.

Contact the stag do group

Send an email or a Whatsapp to all the members of your group and set a strict deadline to respond. When you have your definite number of attendees than you should book as soon as possible. It is much easier to add people to a booking than to make a late booking for a large group. You can book your slot through our website and share with the rest of the group. That leaves the responsibility of paying to each individual of the group but they will need to be quick to ensure that there is still space on your session. Alternatively to an online booking is calling the centre and reserving the slot and requesting that all participants call to pay and join the reservation. 

T-Shirts & special requests

Every stag do needs an element of customisation and fancy dress to ensure it all goes the way it should, with the stag feeling a little silly. We offer the opportunity to get customised t-shirts for your group, available on arrival and we can even help with any custom requirements for the group or the stag. Usually we offer a race suit to the stag, but please do feel free to bring outfits with you, but bear in mind you will all need to sit in an F1 car simulator so a sumo suit may not work!

It's all about the stag!

Something to remember is that the stag do is all about the stag being surrounded by their closest friends & family on one of their most important days, so make sure you book an activity that everybody can afford and will enjoy. That's where we fit in. We offer a range of packages, and even a specific stag do package, which includes food, an ice bucket of beers, an F1 driving suit for the birthday guest and even a winners trophy all at a reasonable price. Lets Race simulators are the only full motion race simulators in the UK. You will experience up to 1.5Gs and use the same system that professional F1 drivers use to practice guaranteeing an affordable and fun day out that no one will forget.