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Spa Belgium F1 Track Guide

Spa F1 Track Guide

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Spa, Belgium Circuit Guide

Considered to be one of the best race tracks ever, if not the best, Spa Francorchamps sits deep in the Belgium forest, providing a stunning backdrop to what is usually a great race. A race track that almost resembles a rollercoaster at times, racing drivers worldwide look forward to, or dream of, racing here.

SPa f1 guide

Spa was originally created on public roads and run over 14km, until it was shortened in 1979 to make it safer. Many segments were still open as public roads until 2000, including the marvelous Eau Rouge. Now set at 4.3m, it is the longest track on the calendar.

The vast scale of the circuit is only outweighed by the completely unpredictable weather conditions regularly found in the region, which makes for hugely entertaining racing both in and out of the car. It is common for one sector to be wet and another to be bone dry.

Spa Francorchamps will be a part of F1 for the foreseeable future, or the powers that be may face a rather significant fan backlash. 


circuit highlights

challenging & high speed circuit
Spa features the worlds most famous corner in the shape of Eau Rouge. A flat out, steep incline on a sweeping right left, it take some serious bottle to take it and even more to make a pass here. This is an out and out drivers track and is considered to be the ultimate challenge for racing drivers.

From the  first corner drivers are under pressure as the tight hairpin, La Source, seems to get tighter as you make your way through, only to be faced with a huge down hill section, which brings Eau Rouge looming into view, often as part of a full race pack. The resulting straight at the top of the hill brings huge opportunities for passes.

The famous Bus Stop chicane will provide some more over taking opportunities for those bold enough to make a move there after the stunningly names Blanchimont kink. Being late on the brakes can bring both reward and catastrophy at the end of a very long lap. Be careful not to undo your hard work this late on. 
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hints & tips

Our racing pro's have created some essential tips for your session with us:

Maintain a high minimum speed during Turn 1 to ensure good levels of downforce

Exit turn 2 thinking about the exit speed (it must be perfect!)

Always think about early acceleration

Straight-line as many corners as you can through Sector 3

Apex the final corner late to ensure you have a high top speed up the main straight

a racers dream

a real pleasure to race for any aspiring racing driver or fan, you can be part of history and join the greats.
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