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Sakhir Bahrain F1 Race Track Guide

bahrain track guide

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Sakhir, Bahrain Circuit Guide

The first GP to be held within the Middle East and this made a massive difference for boosting the popularity and growth of the sport throughout the region. The Bahrain International Circuit first opened in 2002, and cost around $150m.

bahrain GP

Holding 70,000 people it’s a grade 1 FIA location and can be used for just about any motorsport track! If you want to see something truly amazing in terms of a mix of architectural design and race intelligence, this is the place to come!

This circuit has largely been a disappointment in terms of fan excitement, regularly playing host to underwhelming grand prix and it is certainly not a driver favourite either. That being said, as a lap, Bahrain holds some real gems for every racing driver and hooking up a good lap leaves you with a smile on your face.

The race itself consists of 23 turns and 5.412km in length, so it’s one of the lengthier races out there – this can see the overall race taking a considerable length of time to complete. The fastest lap record out there was set by Fernando Alonso for Ferrari in 2010.

circuit highlights

challenging & high speed circuit
A circuit with a real stop start nature can be cause for concern when considering the brake temperatures and the ambient 30 degree temperatures. 4 straights a lap, each ending with a hard crunch on the brakes also tests the physical capabilities of the drivers.

Sakhir is the scene of one of the toughest first sectors in racing, with turns 1 and 2 reminiscent of those found at Malaysia, without the steep slope. Be sure to get the entry into the hairpins right as a slow exit can see you drop back down through the pack as their exit speed will see them hit far greater speeds down the following straights. 
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hints & tips

Our racing pro's have created some essential tips for your session with us:

Maintain a high minimum speed during Turn 1 to ensure good levels of downforce

Exit turn 2 thinking about the exit speed (it must be perfect!)

Always think about early acceleration

Straight-line as many corners as you can through Sector 3

Apex the final corner late to ensure you have a high top speed up the main straight

forget the f1 history

once on track with friends and family, those boring f1 races of old will soon be forgotten and the adrenaline will take over your senses.
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