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Gilles Villeneuve Montreal Canada F1 Track Guide

canada f1 track

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Gilles Villeneuve, Canada Circuit Guide

Often under-rated, to the point it was removed from the calendar in 2009, the Canadian GP at Gilles Villeneuve regularly offers up a season highlight or two, most notably if you're a Jenson Button fan.

Canadian f1 track

A circuit very similar to Austrailias Melbourne circuit, made on public roads, car parks and public park areas, it takes some taming. Barriers and walls are the order of the day, with only the slightest error in judgement ending in game over, just ask Max Chilton after his collision with the late Jules Bianchi ended both their races in 2014.

One of the circuits that sees regular overtakes, there is no end to the excitement for the fans. A rain affected race in 2012 saw Jenson Button take the win from leader Vettell with just a few corners to go after the latter went deep following pressure from Button. Having spent hours waiting for teh raise to happen, the british fans were left with something very special to cheer.

The most famous part of the Canadian GP is the 'Wall of Champions' on the exit of the last corner. Keep your eye out for it...

circuit highlights

challenging & high speed circuit
A real joy of a track to drive, it jsut feels so good to hook up a perfect lap here. The walls and barriers are super intimidating but that is where the reward comes from. Push too hard and almost every corner exit can leave you embarrassed. Cut a corner too fine and the kerbs with throw you off and before you can recover, you will be nose first into a concrete block. It is extremely unforgiving.

Once you have the feel of the track and your car control is up to scratch, kissing the walls and barriers on an exit is as satisfying as a race win itself and possibly more of a talking point with your friends after. The flowing corners of 3 & 4 get things warmed up nicely and you will know you want to carry more speed next time through.

The hairpin is a one of a kind with many drivers taking different strategies, depending on where they are in the race, who is behind and most importantly, who is in front. Going deep can allow for more speed on the exit and with a long straight to follow, it is the most popular tactic. Go too deep and you may find yourself held up by a car coming through on the inside with a slower exit and compromise your whole straight.

Don't forget the wall of champions, there to catch out the brave and the over confident, but it takes a risk taker to win a race...
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hints & tips

Our racing pro's have created some essential tips for your session with us:

Maintain a high minimum speed during Turn 1 to ensure good levels of downforce

Exit turn 2 thinking about the exit speed (it must be perfect!)

Always think about early acceleration

Straight-line as many corners as you can through Sector 3

Apex the final corner late to ensure you have a high top speed up the main straight

glorious on the streets

taking risks is what racing drivers do and what sets them apart from us. Can you take the right risks and win, or end up like some of the greats...out!
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