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Barcelona Spain GP Guide

Barcelona f1 circuit

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Barcelona Spain Circuit Guide

Back to being the only Spanish race track on the F1 calendar following the demise of the Valencia Street Circuit, Barcelona is considered to be one of the ideal circuits for F1 racing. Used as the primary test circuit, alongside Jerez (Also in Spain) due to its ideal conditions, location and collection for corners and straights.

Spain f1 track

First featuring on the F1 calendar in 1991, Barcelona has gone on to become a mainstay in F1. Thought to be a risk initially due to the countries love of 2 wheel racing in the form of MotoGP, the rise of Alonso over the past decade has seen the Spanish become F1 mad.

During pre season testing at Barcelona, teams are confident that a car that is quick around Barcelona will invariably be quick at the majority of the circuits across the full F1 season. Not to mention every driver, team and F1 insider, knows the circuit like the back of their hand.

It hasn't been all smooth sailing for the circuit, with many considering it a bit of a procession race due to the lack of overtaking opportunities, until DRS was introduced.

circuit highlights

challenging & high speed circuit
A pretty circuit, contained in the hills of Barcelona, providing some great views at the end of the lap and a great venue for fans. Turn 1 often provides the best opportunity for an over-take move before the long sweeping right that requires great track position to maximise speed and exit speed.

Turn 10 is most certainly an effective over-taking place, especially in an inexperienced field, with the opportunity to run deep and get a good exit against a defending car ahead. The new section at the end of the lap keeps the racing tight and slows things down, with a very tight chicane to navigate. Don't try to hop over the corners, some of the largest kerbs off the season await to punish those trying to take the shortest route through.

We still miss the flat out end of the circuit, similar to that found at MotoGP's circuit Portimao in Portugal. 
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hints & tips

Our racing pro's have created some essential tips for your session with us:

Maintain a high minimum speed during Turn 1 to ensure good levels of downforce

Exit turn 2 thinking about the exit speed (it must be perfect!)

Always think about early acceleration

Straight-line as many corners as you can through Sector 3

Apex the final corner late to ensure you have a high top speed up the main straight


a layout every f1 fan will know, this provides a great opportunity to get in a sim and race without the need to learn a new track!
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