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Abu Dhabi UAE F1 Circuit

abu dhabi f1 circuit

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abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates Circuit Guide

The stop at the capital of the United Arab Emirates is one of the most awaited GPs of the Formula 1 season. Its spectacular scenery and magnifique circuit architecture delights equally car racing fans and occasional viewers.

Yas marina track


The Yas Marina Circuit, first constructed in 2007, is the main venue used in Abu Dhabi for motorsport events; particularly the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. As one of the most prominent races of the year, it’s a massive part of the overall enjoyment of the sport as it mixes modern thinking with outstanding technology and design. After its construction it held the first official F1 Grand Prix in 2009. 

It was designed by the prestigious German car racer and engineer Hermann Tilke and built by the company Aldar, who also built a theme park, a marina, residential areas, a water park, areas of sports and recreation, as well as hotels and beach resorts in the surrounding area. Although the cost of the track was above the $800 million budget, the overall cost of the surrounding buildings and areas is believed to have cost around five times that. 


circuit highlights

challenging & high speed circuit
As it couldn’t be otherwise, the Yas Marina Circuit, located 25 kilometers from the city center of Abu Dhabi, goes hand in hand with the expressions ‘luxury’ and ‘splendid architecture’. With the capacity to hold up to 50,000 people, is one of the premium entertainment venues in the Middle East, giving you an incredibly enjoyable race to watch with the most stunning setting built around it. 

 Yas Marina has a length of 5.554 km (3.451 mi) and runs anti-clockwise like the Brazilian Interlagos. Even Though is composed by 21 turns (12 left, 9 right), it’s a very fast circuit where 73% of the track is driven at full throttle. There are 2 DRS points allocated between curves 7 and 8 and curves 10 and 11. One of the most interesting facts about this track is that it has the longest straight of the F1 Championship with 1.2 km where F1s reach a maximum speed of 200 mph (320 kph). It’s also really curious how this straight was built as right at the end it has a loophole that extends below the West grandstand, so when a car runs off track it passes directly under the spectators. 

 The circuit has several icons that make it one of its kind. The most impressive for its uniqueness, is the Yas Marina Hotel, a luxurious five-star hotel just above the circuit pavement (between curves 18 and 19) for the joy of the lucky guests. At night this looks truly amazing as the light illuminates the whole place, giving both spectators and drivers a clear view of what is coming up in the distance. 
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hints & tips

Our racing pro's have created some essential tips for your session with us:

Make turns 2,3 & 4 into one flowing corner

Balance the car as best you can through turns 11,12 & 13 (keep it straight)

Straight line turns 5 & 6 for maximum speed

Take turns 15 & 16 flat out

Be patient when applying the throttle through the final turn

glory in the desert

an impressive circuit created in a desert landscape, provides a season highlight in the low light of twilight
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