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Practice Race Experience

practice race experience

an ideal option for those wishing to experience new tracks and cars or practice for future races

book a practice driving experience in an F1 Simulator

practice race experience

from £14.95

Available everyday

A practice race experience with Lets Race is a great way for those who wish to come more often to try out new things for an affordable price. Our practice experiences are less structured and offer more felxibility for you to try different cars and tracks. If you compete in any of our race competitions, then practice sessions can be a valuable way of improving before race day.
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why a practice race experience?

We have over 20+ tracks and 10+ cars available at Lets Race, each with their own challenges and feels that you may not have experienced before when driving our standard F1 car and track. We run the F1 car and standard race circuit on our race experiences to ensure that our guests and first time customers get the best possible session without finding things too hard. The practice sessions are the perfect opportunity for those who have been before, to progress into new things.

find the time

There are only limited practice sessions available each week, usually in off-peak times for the centre. Usually afternoons and evenings on weekdays and mornings and evenings at the weekends, these times generally lend themselves to local enthusiasts who may also compete in our competitions and championships. 

You can speak to our staff on arrival to request your track and car.
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get some tips

We have experienced racers and sim racers at Lets Race, on hand to provide you with circuit and car tips. Make the most of this so you can maximise your time in the car. Ask what gears to use where, where to be careful and track and where to keep the throttle in. There may be opportunities to practice on a track for a future championship round, so make the most of this time and find those vital overtaking points.
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different cars provide new experiences

As we have mentioned, you can try new cars and when you do, our simulators take up a completely new form. Try out a tin top or a touring car, a supercar or a Caterham, each bringing with it new excitement and challenges, with many of our customers finding new favourites. Once you have mastered one, you can move on to the next. Why not request a new car model to our staff if there is something you wish to try.  

Space fills up quickly for Practice Race Experiences so be sure to secure your place soon!
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