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Kids Party Organiser Advice

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You want to create the best day out, party or event but you are unsure on the best way to get all the guests organised? Take a read below and see how we advise you to get them on board and make sure you are not sweating come activity day.
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Kids party organisation advice

Organising a kids party can initially seem like a daunting task so here at Lets Race we have written this guide to ensure a fun day out that the kids will love with none of the drama.
Firstly where do you start? 

It goes without saying that the earlier you can book your venue the better so the first thing you will need is the date of the party. At Lets Race we offer a discount to parties that book 3 and 6 months in advance. Booking early will also minimise any potential issues and give you enough time to sort out any problems that do pop up. But don't worry, if you have less time to book we offer an affordable kids party package that wont leave you or other parents out of pocket.

Choosing the right activity

Lets Race simulators are the most realistic in the UK and are based on the same system that professional F1 drivers use to practice. Due to the realistic nature of the simulators there are height restrictions in place to ensure the safest possible experience. The minimum height of person allowed to enjoy our simulation is set at 1.5 meters. Due to this restriction we recommend a minimum age of 12 but this isn't a strict rule. If a member of the party is under the age of 12 but over the height restriction than they will be allowed to use the simulator. 

Availability & Budget

Send an email to all the members, most likely parents, in the group and set a strict deadline to respond. When you have your definite number of attendees than you should book as soon as possible. It is much easier to add people to a booking than to make a late booking for a large group. You have the option to book your slot through our website and share with the rest of the group. That leaves the responsibility of paying to each individual of the party. 


No parent wants to travel far with a car full of screaming children (ok so they may not be screaming but you get the idea) so try to make sure that the venue of the activity is easy to locate, accessible by major road and train links and is not at the other end of the country. This is a clear benefit of Lets Race, with easy access to the M23, M25 and London via Horley train station.

T-Shirts & Special Requests

If you really want to kick your kids party off in style, why not arrange for some customised t-shirts to be waiting on arrival for all the children coming to the party? Lets Race is able to offer Motorsport inspired t-shirts for all the kids and personalise them to the birthday boy or girl. This will really make them the centre of attention and leave all the other kids with a great gift to take home and wear anytime.

It's all about the birthday boy or girl

Something to remember is that a kids party is all about the kids having fun with their best friends and to make sure you book an activity that everybody can afford. That's where we fit in, we offer a range of packages and even a specific kids party package which includes food, drinks, an F1 driving suit for the main guest and even a winners trophy all at a reasonable price.