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Hen Do Organiser Advice

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You want to create the best day out, party or event but you are unsure on the best way to get all the guests organised? Take a read below and see how we advise you to get them on board and make sure you are not sweating come activity day.
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hen Do organisation advice

Organising a hen do can initially seem like a daunting task so here at Lets Race we have written this guide to ensure a hen party with all of the fun and none of the drama.

Firstly Where Do You Start? 

Well, the first step to planning any event is to nail down the date and time. Granted that a proper hen do will probably take a day, maybe even two, it is best to start with the wedding date. Once you know when the big day is the next decision would be whether you want to be a bit wild and have the party a day before or go in the more rational direction of having it a week or a few weeks ahead. With that said you’ll want to go through the planning process at least 3 or 4 months ahead to make sure the venue is available when you need it. Getting started a little later may mean having to compromise venue or other things so the sooner you start the better. Next on the list is figuring out which lovely ladies (and how many) you want to invite on this legendary night, get all their contact information and get planning! 

Availability and Budget for the Hen Do 

As with anything that involves multiple people you’ll need to account for varying schedules and budgets. The best way to be on the same page about the whole thing is to open up a group discussion or group page on a social network platform or through email. When you get an idea of what most of the girls can afford and when they’d be available it’s best to set some sort of minimum cost that includes everything from travel, stay, activities, and night time shenanigans like night clubs, dinners and so on. That way with sufficient warning, everyone will be able to save up (if the whole thing is fairly reasonable and exciting enough that they’ll want to put in the effort). 

Where to Stay? 

If the plans aren’t taking place close to home you’ll definitely want to make reservations well ahead of time. Also, not all hotels take hen do parties so make sure to get one that does that is also in the same area as the night’s (or day’s) festivities. Taking a cab or limousine everywhere sure sounds glamorous but can really put a dent in your pocket. Luckily for you, we are just a minute away from the Gatwick airport where there is no end of hotels. The rooms can get booked up in certain seasons so book early to be sure to get the hotel you want. We’re pretty sure that Lets Race will be just the beginning of your night and that’s perfect because getting to London or Brighton is incredibly simple from our location in Horley. There are direct trains that can get you there in a matter of minutes, a great cab service that can get you there in three minutes and if you’re up for a little stroll you can get there in no more than ten minutes on foot. 

 Contact the Hen Do Group 

Once all that’s been taken care of, you need some confirmation from the group so in that group page, forum, chat, what have you, set an ultimatum. Give everyone a deadline to RSVP so you can go on to make the actual booking ASAP. Even if you need to add people later on, that is definitely much easier than making a whole booking for a large group with little time to spare. You can make your reservations with us online and share it with the group so each person can pay to confirm the slot, or you can call the center to reserve and have the rest of the party call in to pay and confirm the booking. 

T-shirts & Special Requests

Remember it’s not truly a hen do experience without at least a little silliness and the chance to make the hen herself feel a tad goofy. You can get customized t-shirts for your group with pretty much whatever you want on them (we won’t judge) and pick them up as soon as you arrive. We also offer the hen a race suit so she can really feel official but of course you’re welcome to bring outfits as well granted that they both fit in and are comfortable enough to wear in an F1 car simulator and have the time of your lives! 

 It’s All About The Hen!

She’s getting married! This is the last official chance for her to be with just the girlfriends (and sisters, cousins, etc) as one of the girls before she becomes somebody’s Mrs. So make sure the activities are fun for everyone she would want there as well as affordable. That’s where we would be more than happy to help. We offer all ranges of fairly priced packages including a hen do package with food, beers in an ice bucket, an F1 driving suit for the special lady and, get this, even a trophy for the winner. We promise you and the girls a uniquely fantastic experience you won’t soon forget when you get in the UK’s only full motion race simulators, the very same systems that the F1 drivers use to practice, feeling up to 15Gs on the world famous F1 race circuits.