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F1 Simulators

full motion 200mph f1 simulators

enjoy a full driving experience day at our london racing centre, the uk's only full motion simulator centre

car simulator like no other in the uk
experience a driving experience that allow you to try your skills on some of the worlds best race circuits!

Race a choice of cars through a variety of famous circuits

10 networked full motion racing sims - £1 Million of simulators
Our 10 networked, professional race car simulators look and feel exactly like an F1 car, and move in motion as you would expect the car to on the track, giving you, your party or your colleagues an unforgettable driving experience.
the uk's leading sim centre

race at 200mph

drive the worlds best race circuits

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At Lets Race we encourage participants to try out different cars and to experience the difference in handling, power and overall driving style required to successfully navigate a fast lap. If you would like to take part in our various events, where you can try out and test new cars, then please do take a look at our Experiences and Competition pages and get booked in. Below are a small selection of the cars we have running on either rFactor 1 or rFactor 2.
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Feel the rush of real f1 racing

Our F1 model offers speeds of up to 200mph to give you a real rush, while developing enough downforce to keep you flying round the track when you get to those tricky corners. Our cars also feature a booming sound system, creating an atmosphere that simply has to be experienced to be believed. 

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