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Corporate Event Organiser Advice

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You want to create the best day out, party or event but you are unsure on the best way to get all the guests organised? Take a read below and see how we advise you to get them on board and make sure you are not sweating come activity day.
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Corporate event organisation advice

Being the first and most advanced simulator centre in the UK, one of our main focal points is within the Corporate Sector. Whether it be a reward for the team for doing well, a team building event, or even just a fun day out; many employers find Lets Race is the perfect venue to hold their event. I mean, why not unleash the driver within your employees - a side to which you may have never seen, a side to which they may not even know they have inside.
Firstly where do you start? 

Corporate events take a lot of planning and consideration. As the Event Organiser you firstly need to know the basics. What is the purpose of the event? How many people will the event be for? What are the aims, goals and objectives for the corporate event? With this in mind you can begin piecing together the event, to cater for the needs of your clients. 

 First of all you need to think of a location. There are many different ideas, but the majority of them will be entertainment events or activity based. These types of corporate days can work in a variety of different ways; all of which are beneficial to the company organising the event. The primary reason for this being that it motivates employees in a different way to the normal office routine. It can be seen as a reward for their continuous good work and sustain a good relationship with employees; showing that they are a valued member of the team. Secondly, it may be used to strengthen the driving force within the company - in other words, a team building event. When employees are forced to communicate, they then discover and continue to network and make that same connection with different people within the workplace. 

Will you need somewhere to stay?

If your corporate activity requires some travelling, it might be a good idea to book accommodation as well, whilst factoring this into your costs for the whole event. At Lets Race we are blessed with multiple accommodation options due to our close proximity to Gatwick airport, which also makes us an option for international guests and events. You can plan something really quite special when using our venue and activities. 

Be the ultimate event co-ordinator

So once you have location in mind, it's time to straighten out the details - costs, date, and time. You need to create an itinerary for the day and try to stick to it! You have to deal with invoices, drop outs, add-ons, amending invoices to reflect the drop outs, amending invoices to reflect add-ons (neither of which will be correct as an entirely different amount will turn up on the day!!) Email after email, phone call after phone call, cross checking information, by both parties, to ensure the event is still the planned success its meant to be. Third even fourth parties may be involved, with the client having to check that this is all okay with their accounts department, MD's etc. Finally, you have in mind, what seems to be the perfect day. 

Then it’s time to move onto creating the real experience. With the event vision in mind, you can perform this with detailed precision, timing and of course impeccable customer service. You need to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing, what time they are doing, it and most of all ... doing it well! Every area of the event will need attention to ensure a well planned and successful event takes place. Plan for the unplanned, distribute a purpose; 'What do you want attendees to capture and walk away with? ' being the ultimate question to continuously bare in mind. 

Represent your company

Don’t forget that you’re a representative. The whole team needs to remember that you are talking on behalf of the company at all times. So speak positively and assertively when talking to employees or guests. Show you are confident and don’t show your stressed. You may have a lot to do, but stay calm, you’re more likely to stay organised and focused and that will reflect better on the company. Finally keep the objectives of the event in mind. You need to ensure that your guests are comfortable and having a good time, but everything you do should still be with the objectives of the event. Events are about experiences. Experiences should be memorable. Don’t fail to notice the power of this within the company. 

Your event will be a success! As long as you remember all of this, it's safe to say your event should be a success. Many of our corporate events do not end as soon as their race does; they walk out of the race room wanting more. They turn into regular clients, finding any excuse to bring their employees along for a day out at our fascinating venue. Word of mouth spreads , family members hear about it, as do other companies. This means that, in turn, we can use the event organizer approach to venture out and let everyone know about the fascinating motorsport industry, through real life experience; in a virtual world.