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2016 Championships

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For those of us who love to spend our weekends or evenings playing sport, there has always been the one that we just don't have the capacity to do ourselves...Motorsport! We watch the F1 or BTCC and dream of getting involved out on the stunning and world famous race circuits. With Lets Race, you can now compete against others and test your driving skills on a regular basis as part of a championship.

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At Lets Race we are always looking for ways to engage with our customers and build a community around Sim Racing that so many of you enjoy using on a regular basis. We have created a selection of Championships for 2017 that you can take part in as an individual or as part of a team. The best thing about our competitions is they give everyone to experience the very best of what Lets Race has to offer, from different cars and tracks to tire wear and pit stops that are not run on our normal sessions.

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view your lap data for every lap you have done at lets race

your lap data is important to you, we understand that, so we keep it all online for you to look back on whenever you wish.

You can search by name or by track and you can see how your fastest lap held up against every other driver thats ever been around the same track. Some of these are F1 drivers, some touring car drivers and some are the top young racing drivers in the country. You can even view your telemetry compared to the fastest lap.