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Birthday Party Organiser Advice

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You want to create the best day out, party or event but you are unsure on the best way to get all the guests organised? Take a read below and see how we advise you to get them on board and make sure you are not sweating come activity day.
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birthday party organisation advice

Firstly where do you start? 

Birthdays are great, celebrating the milestone of having made it through another year, no matter how old you are that’s definitely something worth celebrating. You want to do something that’s maybe a little out of the ordinary and you definitely want to make sure the does goes flawlessly. So here’s the first thing you have to get: reservations. Venues, activities, caterers (if you’re having any), absolutely everything should be books and ready to go a good amount of time in advance. This way you have time to troubleshoot anything else that may pop up and deal with other things. At Lets Race we offer a discount to events that are booked from about 3 to 6 months in advance

Choosing the right activity

When celebrating your birthday, you want to do something fun, something you can enjoy with friends and family. Our state of the art F1 racing simulations are a great option. On the UK’s most realistic simulators you can experience almost exactly what you would on a real circuit with absolutely none of the risk. It’s perfect for adults and kids that are 12 and older to spend the special day with nonstop adrenaline. The minimum height requirement is 1.5m so if there are kids under 12 years old that meet the height requirement they’re more than welcome to join in on the excitement.

Availability & Budget

Two very key factors to throwing the perfect party is a) making sure it’s set at a time and date that works for at least most of the guests, and b) that everything be affordable. Make sure to send out an email to everyone involved, or set up a group page to discuss the budget and availability. The budget should include venue, activities, food, transportation, and anything else you plan to spend on. You should also set a strict deadline for everyone to RSVP. That way you can book everything ahead of time and lock it all in. Remember, it’s much easier to add people to an existing booking or take people off of it than making one that’s dangerously close to the day of the event.  


While transportation may not be the main event, it can definitely set the mood for the activities to come and affect how the day ends. Choose a venue that’s accessible, not too far and uncomplicated. The Lets Race venue is very easily accessible by train from London or Brighton, and by the M23 & M25 if you come with your own car. Not to mention, it’s minutes away from Gatwick airport and the many hotels that come with the area making it perfect for anyone coming in from out of town.

T-Shirts & Special Requests

If you’re looking to make this birthday a truly memorable one, we can have customized t-shirts waiting for your party upon arrival. LetsRace has some pretty awesome Motorsport inspired t-shirts that we can personalize to the birthday boy or girl so that everyone can have something to remember all the fun they had that day. 

It's all about the birthday boy or girl

At the end of the day, what matters most is that the birthday boy or girl has a fantastic time with people that care about them so it’s important to make sure you choose activities that everyone can afford and enjoy