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young driver experience

young driver experience

an unforgettable activity for young drivers

ultimate young driver experience

Motorsports are booming and getting even more popular around the world. There are Formula One circuits popping up all over the globe and hundreds more fans joining the the motorsport frenzy every year. As a kid, you’ve surely felt the rush of watching professional drivers race through crazy tracks and circuits and wishing you could one day do something that cool. Now you have the chance to let your kid actually have a young driver experience. This is the perfect activity is you are looking for an under 17 driving experience, kids driving experience or junior driving experience this is your place!

the dream of any
young driver

Formula One simulators are a great way for your kids to get that young driver experience in a completely safe and risk-free way.Sure, bumper carts are fun but they’re not very realistic, the circuits or tracks aren’t all that exciting and, let’s face it, it can get a bit risky for your kid to be out there on their own. 

These simulators are stationary but are also full motion allowing these young drivers to feel every little movement with almost complete accuracy. But while they will be able to feel the motions of 'driving' the race cars very clearly they will not actually be moving. The circuits are displayed on giant screens in such clarity that it feels like you're actually on your favourite international F1 circuits.

driver safety and age limit

All the car simulators are equipped with the latest safety measurements to protect the driver in the event of a crash or an accident during the race. 

We also include the option of adding driver aids such as autogear change so that the experience is fully enjoyable for all ages. 

 There is no age limit to drive one our car simulators however the mimum height is 1.5m

Choose your ideal circuit

Speaking of your favourite F1 circuits, Lets Race in Surrey has more than twenty racing circuits available for you to choose from. Some favourites include Britain’s very own Silverstone, Australia’s Melbourne circuit, Monaco’s very exclusive Monte Carlo circuit and many more. With all the brilliant options available to you, it’s impossible to get bored.

complete the experience with a great meal
The best part is your young driver can experience a whole morning, afternoon or evening of F1 racing including some delicious food without having to leave the Lets Race activity centre. 

We have a Blacks Burgers on location complete with burgers you can build yourselves, nachos, chicken strips and more tasty treats to keep the kids driving experience fuelled up for hours.
ready for a fantastic young driver experience?
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