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Trial Nights

trial nights

your opportunity to try out what our racing simulators have to offer, from F1 to BTCC

a driving experience like no other

trial nights

from £29.99

Available First Friday of Every Month

At Lets Race, our full-motion simulators are capable of recreating the experience of driving a number of legendary formula 1 cars. With time constraints, though, it's usually only possible for a would-be driver to try out one. But how can you possibly choose from so many exciting dream vehicles? With our Trial Nights, you don't have to! This experience is perfect for any Formula 1 fan who wants to say they've been in the driver's seat of not just one but four incredible cars. 80 minutes of racing in the car you choose guaranteed!
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What are trial nights?

We first created trial nights in order to rate and rank drivers who were going to take part in our championship race events and after huge success, we have continued to run these on week night evenings as a way of customers having a different driving experience. By trying out our collection of cars on a range of race circuits from around the world, you can truly test your driving abilities and experience the different driving styles of each car. You will soon find a favourite vehicle that suits your style.

      Sign In On Arrival ·
15 minute safety briefing
 8x 10 minute sessions in the simulator with assorted short breaks · 
Driving car including the following:
Porsche Carrera GT3
GT3 Series
Formula 2
 Formula Renault 3.5
 Formula 1 2000
 Formula 1 2015
 To end the evening you will be handed proof of your lap times with a bespoke printout for each driver.

get a crash course before your start

When you sign up for one of our Trial Nights, we set you up for success right from the start. After you sign in and treat yourself to a snack and a drink in our lounge and cafe, you'll get a complete 15-minute lesson in how to use the UK's only full-motion simulators to their fullest. This informative, entertaining session is led by one of our instructors and lets you know everything necessary to ensure your safety and help you give it your all as soon as the experience begins.

4 amazing vehicles in 1 hour

Once the Trial Nights action is officially under way, you'll get to whizz around Donington Race Track in four different vehicles. Each test trial lasts for 10 minutes and takes place in a different car. 

Currently, we offer two different Trial Nights experiences: - Standard Trial Nights - Offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, these experiences put you in the driver's seat of four of the newest and most-renowned vehicles: Renault Clio Cup 2014, the Porsche Carrera cup 2008, the Formula Renault BARC and the GP2.

Unlimited Trial Nights - Available only on Wednesdays, this experience gives you twice the racing for the same price of the Standard Trial Nights. With up to 5 hours worth of driving and a guaranteed 80 minutes worth of driving these are the best value for money sessions available in the UK.

go it alone or race with others

After you have completed your action-packed 80-minute Trial Nights experience, you'll receive a printout that shows you your times for each track. Find out which vehicle you were truly meant to drive. The printout is yours to keep as a souvenir of your experience.

Our Trial Nights can be booked for just one person or for a group of up to 10. When you book all 10 of our simulators at once, we'll give you the freedom to request a Trial no matter what day of the week it is! No other driving entertainment facility in the UK offers anything like Lets Race Trial Nights, so space fills up quickly.

This experience is laid out in a total of 80 minutes. You will get your safety briefing in your arrival 30 minutes prior to your booking time. You will get 8 x 10 minute uninterrupted sessions in each different car we have on offer and you will get a print out of your lap times to take away. This experience can be done in our regular selection of cars or our new classic car night. 

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