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Silverstone UK F1 Track

Silverstone f1 circuit

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Silverstone, Great Britain Circuit Guide

Silverstone is the home of British Motorsport and is another jewel in the crown for F1. Regarded as one of the most iconic race circuits in the world, it is a favourite for many drivers for its fast corners and incredible home crowd. Take a look around our Silverstone circuit guide and prepare for your race int he best possible way, your friends won't stand a chance.

Silverstone f1 GP


Silverstone was created on an airfield and was used as a bomber station during world war 2, before hosting it's the first round of the world championship in 1950 and going on to be a regular on the F1 calendar since the late 1980's. Luckily plans to scrap Silverstone in favour of Donnington were dropped in 2009 and since then it has flourished and wowed the British crowds.

Major upgrades to the circuit saw a new pit complex, including the impressive Silverstone Wing, moving from the other side of the circuit. The new Arena section saw the end to a track highlight in the form of the Abbey chicane and Bridge.

Many of the newer, less exciting circuits can only dream of creating the atmosphere and history that is synonymous with Silverstone.


circuit highlights

challenging & high speed circuit
The new Arena area of the circuit has slowed the circuit down considerably, but bought the fans closer to the action. The first right left sweeping corner soon sees speeds drop as the cars enter a tight right hander at Village and stay slow until sling shotting onto the straight towards Brooklands. Tough to overtake once down into Brooklands, but it will catch out those unused to the circuit  and certainly all beginners will struggle here. Stay close and get your speed down early.

The world famous flat out corner at Chapel is well worth the risk if you get it right and allows for real speed to be taken through the northern part of the circuit. Quick reactions and good preparation are essential to get through Maggots & Becketts successfully. Poor approach and gear selection see you panic and things only get worse once that happens.

The back straight will provide overtake opportunities and with a sweeping right awaiting at the end, some confidence here can reward you with the lead into the final section of the track. Nothing feels better in Motorsport than coming home in 1st at Silverstone.
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hints & tips

Our racing pro's have created some essential tips for your session with us:

Maintain a high minimum speed during Turn 1 to ensure good levels of downforce

Exit turn 2 thinking about the exit speed (it must be perfect!)

Always think about early acceleration

Straight-line as many corners as you can through Sector 3

Apex the final corner late to ensure you have a high top speed up the main straight

the iconic home of motorsport

build confidence throughout the lap and continue to pick up speed through every corner and your simulator lap times will plummet.
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