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Motorsport Corporate Events - Tips for planning an ideal event

Motorsport  Corporate events vs. the norm


Why plan your corporate event in any other industry? F1 racing, iconic tracks, 200mph +, it all adds up to the most memorable day of your employee's/colleague's careers. Enough of the same old meal and dance routine, make your corporate event as unique as your company and get out on a famous F1 racing track. This post will focus on the initial stage of planning a motorsport corporate event and the different options available to choose from.


Corporate Planning

Aims and Location

In relation to planning a corporate driving experience you need to focus on the aims of the event; are you trying to impress new clients and want to increase customer retention, is it a celebration for your team to let their hair down, a meeting point to discuss future targets or an event to allow team leaders to interact with their staff? When you understand this aspect, planning becomes easy. Of course the location will play a vital role as to travel, accommodation, food plans, and you will need to consider a venue with easy access and ample parking - a relaxed group is far more productive than those stressed fighting to park and find the venue. Ensure to make it as easy as possible for yourself, often corporate events are a mixture of different venues such as a bar beforehand to drink, followed by a meal and finally a club to see the night away, all of which is A) Stressful and B) Time spent trudging between locations when a single venue would be far more enjoyable and efficient.


Group Size and Cost

A clear aspect you will need to consider is the size of your group; supercar experience days are rather limited in terms of accommodating large numbers as usually each car is full with the instructor and one driver, a driving simulator is much the same with room for one or two max. Lets Race is an amazing venue to overcome such an issue, everyone will be busy interacting and actively doing something at all times, and best of all, the cost is extremely low when compared to a supercar experience or karting. Take a look at us in action.


Team building & Company culture

Building team spirit and morale really doesn’t get better than with a fantastic driving experience. Through world class driving simulators you’ll have access to some of the world’s best, most popular F1 race circuits. And that’s not all! You’ll also have your choice of some of the most beautiful machines in the motorsport industry. You’re hardest choice of the day will probably be which of the beauties you want to take for a spin. With that, once the racers get on the virtual circuits, a little bit of healthy competition will be born stimulating your team like never before. You’ll knock the socks off all other corporate events with this one. With some of your colleagues racing along some of the world’s most revered circuits in some of the most legendary vehicles while the rest cheer them on, you’ll be able to see right away what a great choice you made.


Fuel your tank with good food

While the activities are thrilling, and the simulators are thrilling, there’s just one thing that a spectacular corporate event can’t do without. Stellar food. You want to make sure that your party is well fed so that everyone actively participates in the activities you have set up for the day. F1 racing can be quite exhausting, and even though these are simulations it will still feel very similar to the real experience. To battle the exhaustion and fuel the energy ensure that there’s at least one or two places that you and the team can go to grab a bite throughout your day.  


Driving Simulator over Supercar Experience


Supercar experience and Karting

Supercar experience days are a great way for employees to experience the fast paced atmosphere of motorsport and let their hair down using many different cars depending on the package you opt for. The main negatives are the fact that consumables such as tyres, fuel, brakes and insurance are all expensive and this therefore will drive the cost up significantly. Potentially Karting is an alternative however this is also relatively expensive and interaction is not great between groups, you will spend plenty of time in your own 'bubble' wearing a helmet and sweating out in a day glow suit.


Driving Simulator

We have written a previous blog post explaining the benefits of simulators compared to home gaming and karting here.


Just remember the aims of your event; ideally everyone will interact with existing and new colleagues, you will most probably ant everything under one roof and easy access. At Lets Race driving simulator centre we have just that, vast amounts of parking specifically for the venue, an amazing Blacks Burgers restaurant to tailor a burger just for you, start with a bun and build from there, along with our remarkably accurate F1 racing simulators. We will take you from the spark of an idea for a driving simulator event right the way through to implementing a benchmark event for your companies' corporate event expectations. Many tried and tested packages have been developed by our team to make your corporate event run fluidly, our simulators have been developed with the help of F1 racing stars, our venue can accommodate up to 60 guests and the entire day can be rounded off with a Lets Golf session on our three top of the range HD Golf simulators


Lets Race

If you’ve loved what you’ve heard so far, then you’ll definitely love Let’s Race. It’s our fantastic activity centre located in Surrey which is directly accessible by train to and from London and Brighton, and just minutes away from the Gatwick airport. Our venue was recently given a makeover and has a fresh new design, great for any kind of corporate event. The driving simulators are top notch and are some of the best pieces of F1 simulation technology in the country. Blacks Burgers is a stellar food joint with dishes that are just to die for.  We’ve got something for everyone and you’re sure to have a brilliant event to brag about at the office for days, until you come back for more. Because you most definitely will be coming back!