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GT3 Racing Championship

gt3 racing championship

a complete new car racing experience behind the wheel of one of these beasts

gt3 racing championship | What to expect?

gt3 racing championship

£55 per person

Lets Race presents our brand new Porsche GT3 Championship taking place from June to December 

Take part in our amazing GT3 Championship where you drive for 75minutes across 3 races. Race in 3 x 20minute races around the world in 7 famous circuits to score the most points. 

For the first time ever Lets Race offers the full Porsche GT3 experience. Your worst scoring round will be dropped from the Championship results. Format includes a 15minute Practice/qualifying followed by
3 x 20minute races. You will start from varying positions on the grid.
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why compete in the gt3 racing championship?

Our state of the art simulators will give you the adrenaline rush that all racing lover is looking for. It will almost make you feel like you are driving an actual Porsche GT3. The Championship will provide you with a challenging platform to display your driving abilities under pressure and compete with other skilled driver Each race consists in a 15minute Practice/qualifying followed by 3 x 20minute races. You can find the incredible prizes that we offer as well as the rules and points system below. The results will be updated after every race following the "GT3 results 2016" button.
gt3 results 2016

whats on offer?

Prizes to be won for the Podium finishers! 

3rd Place - Practice Session and Race Experience for 10 

2nd Place - Practice Session and Premium Race Experience for 10 


Unbelievable prizes available for the Championship winning team!
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what is the schedule?

7pm - Arrival and Safety Briefing

7:45pm - Practice 50minutes (All drivers must complete one session) 

8:45pm - Grid Walk - All drivers invited down to the grid for last minute instructions and team strategy talk 

8:50pm - Grid closed First Team drivers in cars

9pm - Rolling Start behind Safety Car 

11pm - Chequered Flag 

Podium Finish
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how does the pricing work?

Price breakdown

£55 per driver per race 

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gt3 championship rules

Points Scoring System Race 

Points (Excl. AI) 
1st - 25 points 
2nd - 18 points 
3rd - 15 points 
4th - 12 points 
5th - 10 points 
6th - 8 points 
7th - 6 points 
8th - 4 points 
9th - 2 points 
10th - 1 point 

Rules and Regulations 

All drivers must wait for the race start prior to leaving their grid position

All cars must be at the allocated Pit Lane Speed Limit when crossing the Pit Lane Entry Line until crossing the Pit Lane Exit Line 
All drivers are to keep within track limits (painted white lines) by at least two wheels (2 warnings are provided)

All drivers must provided adequate space to any competitor attempting an overtake, providing the competitor has their front wheels in line with the rear wheels of the defending driver

*Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a drive through penalty at the Race Directors discretion; the offending driver may not stop to change tyres and must comply within 3 laps (unless a justifiable reason can be provided) 

Safety and Flags 

Yellow flags will warn of an incident ahead, however you may still overtake but take necessary caution 
Blue flags will warn of a faster car behind you, you do not have to move off the racing line, however you must follow the rules relating to overtaking cars/defending
Red flags will be deployed in the event a car leaves track boundaries or in the event of a system error
The Race will restart from the Grid for the remainder of the race (Cut off for Red flags is 15minutes until the end of the race, unless a system error occurs) 
 *Under Red flag situations drivers and tyres may be changed 
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