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eSPORTS+CARS Join forces with Lets Race for Vegas!

Lets Race to Las Vegas

Lets Race To Vegas: finding the gamers fast enough to keep up with their racingheroes


As the global obsession with virtual sports continue to soar, eSPORTS+CARS announce a nationwide competition with Lets Race, the UK’s only full motion Formula 1 simulation ‘cars’.


eSports gaming is now bigger than Hollywood, as the sports industry clambers to sign virtual players – as West Ham and Manchester City now have - and acquire eSport teams to represent them in the virtual world. 


Now eSPORTS+CARS are asking virtual racing enthusiasts to compete with their peers across the UK, with 10 finalists coming together in December to decide who gets to watch the UK’s first professional virtual race team at the innovative Formula E backed$1 million Las Vegas championships in January.


Where the real world meets the virtual world…

Surrey based Lets Race offers gamers the most authentic simulator racing experience outside of a professional race car testing facility. With ten fully networked simulators, the eSPORTS+CARS team now use the Lets Race flagship venue for training and competition purposes, allowing its drivers to train and broadcast live events together.


As their Formula 1 heroes use simulators as much as physical track testing in the ‘real’ world, Lets Race allows gamers the ultimate racing driver experience.


Racing driver Max Chilton, ambassador for Lets Race, said: “As a racing driver, using racing simulators is a very valuable tool in learning tracks and helping put together the perfect lap. Testing is now so restricted that often the only way to get to know a circuit is to keep driving it on games and simulators. In fact it’s become an integral part of any race weekend preparation. I can only see it becoming more and more important in what we do across all race series."


Gamers and drivers can qualify for a grand final by attending Lets Race throughout October and November. The top 10 drivers will fight it out in a head to head race on 4th December. The winner will then be flown to Las Vegas as a VIP guest of eSPORTS+CARS to watch the $1Million Virtual Race.


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Virtual sport is the future…

With teams, leagues and players from the world of sport investing heavily in eSport- from Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City to Magic Johnson and the Philadelphia 76ers - virtual/reality collaborations are becoming a fast growing trend. In the US, eSports are already catching up with baseball and ice hockey. A recent US report found that 76% of eSport enthusiasts now prefer the gaming equivalent to watching their favourite sports on TV.


eSport is now one of the biggest sports in the world, with a revenue overtaking Hollywood at a furious rate. Global gaming is worth $100 billion, with year on year growth of almost 10%, and the eSports global audience has already reached 300 million.


As viewership of motorsport is declining globally and leading brands start to invest heavily in gaming instead of traditional sports sponsorship, the message for the sports industry is clear. Virtual sport is the future.