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Ice Breaker Activities

ice breaker activities

from collegues to friends
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stimulating ice breaker activities

You spend more time at work than at home so why not get better acquainted with your team with some unforgettable ice breaker activities? At Lets Race we have everything you’ll need to bond and go from colleagues to friends by the end of your corporate event.

Your company will be blown away by how much Lets Race has to offer; from exciting corporate driving experiences to the world's best indoor golf simulators and of course an incredible grill with mouthwatering food and drinks.

Our brand new modern and stylish venue is perfect for casual corporate entertainment as well as fancy launch events. Whatever it is, we’ve got it!

excellent team building & bonding activities

Our F1 simulators are the best you’ll find in the UK complete with a wide selection of world famous F1 circuits and the famous cars that were ridden by legendary F1 drivers. These full motion simulators have the feel of actually being in the vehicle of your choice on the circuits so essentially, you and your team will be practically racing for real minus the astronomical level pricing and the inevitable dangers.

Also, our simulators are great for people that have absolutely no experience racing in the real world. It is the best ice breaker activity experience you could possibly have for your company or corporation. All participating colleagues will be putting their all into having the best ride they’ve ever had, creating a sense of camaraderie that is very hard to come by in a workplace.

What’s more your corporate event will be amazing even for those that choose not to get behind the wheel as they can gather in the grandstand and cheer on their co-workers just like in a real F1 race. So what are you waiting for?

plenty of activities to choose from 

We not only have the amazing, incredibly life-like F1 racing simulators, we also have a fantastic indoor golf centre inside the venue that you can also add on to the bundle to make for the ultimate, jampacked ice breaker activity day. To learn more about our Lets Golf HD simulators click here. As for the delicious food you’ll need to keep you sufficiently energized to keep up with all the excitement of this corporate event like no other, we have the brilliant menu and staff of Blacks Burgers within the Lets Race center.

What’s a corporate day out with some delicious food right? If you want to check out their menu, feel free to click here. Last but certainly not least, our Lets Race center is located, very conveniently, in Surrey at approximately 50 minutes from London.

Our centre is very easily accessible by train from London and Brighton, not to mention we’re right by the Gatwick airport with ample hotels in the area. You’ll have no trouble getting to the corporate event of dreams!
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