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BTCC Championship

btcc championship 2017

If you liked the 2016 BTCC championship here at Lets Race, you’ll love this years improved Touring Car Championship.

pure racing and adrenaline 

btcc championship 2017

£35 per round

For the second season we are hosting a competition for solo drivers replicating the British Touring Car Championship in our very own activity centre. With a total of 6 rounds spanning from March until August, you can mark your calendars off for an invigorating 2017. These races will be taking place on the last Friday of every month.
The first race of the Championship is just over a month away so make sure you clear your schedules for Friday the 31st of March from 7PM. This is an opportunity you definitely won’t want to miss. Make sure you book your rounds quickly because there are only 20 spots available for each round. The twenty drivers will then be divided into two groups of ten drivers by way of a random pool draw (names drawn out of a hat which decide which pool you race in).

Each pool of drivers then take part in the following format;
  • 2x 10 Minute Qualifying Sessions (Fastest lap from both sessions decides grid positions for Race 1)
  • Race 1 - 10 Minute Race
  • Race 2 - 10 Minute Race (grid positions decided from finishing position in Race 1)
  • Race 3 - 10 Minute Race (Reverse Grid from Race 2 plus random Grid draw for Pole Position)

Points accumulated over the 3 Races.

Final "Extra Points Race" - 10 Minute Race for the top 5 driver (or top 50%) in each pool.

As per tradition, the winners will be announced on the podium so the drivers know who to beat in the coming rounds. 
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why compete in the btcc championship?

For the second year the Lets Race BTCC championship will be returning to Lets Race. This time around we have taken onboard all feedback from last years drivers and will be implementing some fantastic changes to the championship. With a total of 6 rounds spanning from the coming month of March all the way to August, you can mark your calendars off for an invigorating 2017 championship. These races will be taking place on the last Friday of each month. 

The 2017 BTCC Race Director

This year the BTCC Championship will have it's very own Race Director who will take charge of each round and add some consistency to the vital race director decisions. Andy Spencer is that man to be taking on the mantle of Race Director, Andy comes with a vast amount of racing experience and will be offering a fair and unbiased decision on racing incidents plus a friendly face to approach.

The very first race of the Championship is less than a month away so make sure you clear your schedules for Friday the 31st of March from 7PM. This is an opportunity you definitely won’t want to miss. Make sure you book your rounds quickly because there are only thirty spots available for each round. The 20 drivers will then be divided into two pools of ten drivers and then brought together for the final races 

This year we will be following the actual BTCC championship as closely as possible over the following dates;
31st March - Brands Hatch
28th April - Donnington
26th May - Oulton Park
30th June - Croft
28th July - Snetterton
25th August - Silverstone

whats on offer?

Prizes to be won for the Podium finishers! 

 3rd Place - Race Experience for 10 

2nd Place - Practice Session and Race Experience for 10 

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what are you waiting for?

So there you have it, now you can take part in our own version of the BTCC Championship held right in Surrey at the Lets Race activity centre. On a Friday night every month, for the next 6 months, you can let loose with fellow motorsport enthusiasts in a great environment and give it your all on a different national circuit from around the UK each time. This is a great opportunity to not only have fun but also hone your skills as a driver using the same technology that the pros use to practice. 

There are some pretty great prizes at the end of the road but the experience of racing competitively and feeling like the real deal is just as amazing. There are a total of 6 rounds in the Championship but you can take part in however many of them as you’d like. The price for each round is just £35.00. Make sure you book soon so that you don’t miss the chance to take part in some pretty awesome motorsports.  
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btcc championship rules

Points Scoring System Race

Race Points 

Pool Races 1, 2 & 3

 1st - 56 points 
 2nd - 54 points 
 3rd - 52 points 
 4th - 50 points 
 5th - 48 points 
 6th - 46 points 
 7th - 44 points 
 8th - 42 points 
 9th - 40 points 
 10th - 38 points 
FINAL "Extra Points Race" 

1st - 20 points 
2nd - 18 points 
3rd - 16 points 
4th - 14 points 
5th - 12 points 
6th - 10 points 
7th - 8 points 
8th - 6 points 
9th - 4 points 
10th - 2 points 
Extra Points Available 

Fastest Lap of the Night - 5 points
Fastest Lap in Qualifying - 5 points

Rules and Regulations 

 All drivers must wait for the race start prior to leaving their grid position All drivers are to keep within track limits (painted white lines) by at least two wheels (2 warnings are provided) 

 All drivers must provided adequate space to any competitor attempting an overtake, providing the competitor has their front wheels in line with the rear wheels of the defending driver 

*Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a drive through penalty at the Race Directors discretion; the offending driver may not stop to change tyres and must comply within 3 laps (unless a justifiable reason can be provided) 

Safety and Flags 

Yellow flags will warn of an incident ahead, however you may still overtake but take necessary caution 
Blue flags will warn of a faster car behind you, you do not have to move off the racing line, however you must follow the rules relating to overtaking cars/defending 
 Red flags will be deployed in the event a car leaves track boundaries or in the event of a system error - The Race will restart from the Grid for the remainder of the race (Cut off for Red flags is 2minutes until the end of the race, unless a system error occurs)