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Can Esport Racing Be Considered A Real Sport?

Sporting for centuries has been classed as a form of physical activity which uses skills and abilities in an entertaining manner. But can someone hunched over with a controller staring into a virtual environment on a screen also be classed as a sport?

Can Simulator Racing Ever Be Classed Professional Motorsport?

This week we noticed a topic in a professional motorsport group on Linked In about whether virtual racing can be classed as professional motorsport. It is a subject that has been discussed, argued and debated for a few years now with the increase in racing simulators and the rise in popularity thanks to competitions like GT Academy. We obviously have some extensive experience within the simulation sector, but we are also part of the Capsicum Motorsport Group, who own the extremely successful Carlin team.

Why Simulators Are Better Than Karting And Gaming

Depending on who you talk to, you will always end up with a different answer to this discussion topic. We share our views on which of three, home gaming, karting or simulators in opinion reign supreme when it comes to giving you your racing fix.


The Digital Age of Racing

Motorsport just doesn’t get boring. It was at 17 I began my journey into Motorsport and ever since I have been a huge petrol head!  Starting out at the University of Hertfordshire studying Motorsport Engineering the “buzz” that surrounded car, design and racing has taken over my life. It’s been a long time since those long days spent in the Library and sitting behind PC screens designing parts in CAD and running CFD programmes and a lot has changed in my life..... even more has changed in the world of Motorsport.