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The Perfect Plan for a Fun Packed Saturday in Surrey

What does the perfect Saturday with your friends look like to you? We thought we could help you with that. Here is an "all set! plan from morning ‘til late in the evening ready for you to enjoy it! Check this out.

There are some pretty cool spots to pick up some breakfast to kick off your perfect Saturday plans in the Horley and Crawley area, not far from the Gatwick airport. If you’re stuck on where to go, check out Affogato in Crawley. It’s not necessary to make a reservation, you’ll probably do fine to just walk in but planning ahead wouldn’t hurt either! They’ve got a cool, relaxing atmosphere with some great breakfast options and, if you’re feeling adventurous, some really nice gelato.

Affogato in Crawley

Following up with that amazing F1 racing experience, you can head over to the LetsRace activity centre in Horley. It’s just 15 minutes from Crawley and a few minutes away from the airport. Home to some of the best racing simulators in the UK, you’ll find top-notch, full motion simulation technology that feels almost exactly like the real thing. Apart from the realistic feel, you’ll also get to choose from a gorgeous selection of past F1 vehicles and circuits from all over the world. The dream of racing along those exhilarating F1 racing circuits is yours without having to spend for the plane ticket or the hefty price tag the real thing would have. Make sure you book your session ahead so you’re sure to have the slots available for your group!

lets race simulators

When you’ve finally come up for air and realize you could all use a little refuelling, you don’t have to go far. Within the LetsRace location, you’ll find Blacks Burgers where you can build your own burger by choosing the meat and toppings as they prepare it on the spot. If you’re not feeling for a burger, they’ve also got a brilliant selection of wings, nachos and more. Chase it all down with a refreshing beer or two and you’re good to go.

Now that you’ve regained some energy, you’re ready for your afternoon of golf. Just inside the LetsRace centre there’s also a LetsGolf. The immaculate motion sensing technology paired with the high definition display of internationally acclaimed courses that were used in PGA tours make this the best golfing experience in Surrey, possibly even the UK. Your choices of golf courses include the PGA National, Pebble Beach, St. Andrews Old Course, Torrey Pines and so many more. You can even check out your stats in real time to see exactly where you’re headed and how you can play to make the lowest par. Don’t worry if you have a tough time because, remember, these are the courses they use to test the skills of the golf pros. Make sure to book your session ahead for these as well to lock it in!

indoor golf lets golf
Once your session is over, it's time to let loose. What better way to do that then grab a couple of drinks with your boys and hit a club? If you’ve never been, you should try The Hive in Crawley. They’ve got an excellent selection of cocktails and a creative menu if you’re feeling a little munchy.Or maybe the Heathy Farm, also in Crawley. This one’s a 500 year old farmhouse turned restaurant/bar with fireplaces and the works. If it’s a bit too cozy inside for your liking there’s a beer garden outside that you’d like. Great atmosphere, food and drinks. A fantastic way to start or end your night after the perfect Saturday.

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