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Malaysian GP – Sepang International Circuit

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:36.176
The 5.543Km circuit, first introduced to F1 as a new facility in 1999, is situated approximately 60Km south of the Malaysian capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian GP is a tough one on the cars and the drivers with the engines and brakes working especially hard in the humidity of Malaysia. There is also the factor of Mother Nature who often rears her head with the typical Malaysian thunderstorm bringing monsoon rain, and normally a very exciting race with it.

In terms of driving the circuit on the simulators here at Lets Race, we won’t make it rain on you so you don’t have to worry about that! Sepang international circuit is known for its long flowing corners which are taken at high speed which require the driver to be very precise about where they place the car on the track. Sepang is one of the widest tracks on the calendar so make use of it use all the track to maximise performance, no need to make the corner tighter than it already is because you are using half the track. It’s not just the track surface that is very wide, the runoff is vast too, so you can get away with really pushing the car and yourself to the limits.

As the track is quite large, don’t rush yourselves, take time to get a feel for the car and learn the track as much as you can in the time you have in the cars. You will be very surprised at the speed you can take through some of the corners. Places in particular you need to look out for? It’s the shaper corners on this track that will catch you out, turns 4&9 are fairly tricky to get the power down out of because of the undulation of the track. The hardest corner to get right in my opinion is turn 14, just before the back straight. You are basically full throttle through turn 12 and into 13, but you have to start braking midway through the long right-hander that is turn 13, braking and turning makes it difficult to get the front of the car towards the apex because you will most likely lock-up the right front wheel causing understeer.
Please take a look at the onboard video below.