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Lets Race Circuit Guide - Chinese GP – Shanghai International Circuit

The 5.451Km circuit, first introduced to F1 as a new facility in 2004, is situated on an industrial complex on the outskirts of Shanghai making it easily accessible for both the locals, and F1 fans around the world. The majority of the corners are medium to slow speed corners, but with 56% of the lap at full throttle it is still a fairly fast track with one of the longest straights on the F1 calendar measuring at 1.4km.

In terms of driving the circuit on the simulators here at Lets Race, the first complex of 4 corners is quite tricky to get right, turn one especially goes against everything a driver coach would normally tell you about getting your braking and downshifting done in a straight line before the corner. You end up trying to slow the car down at the apex of turn one which means braking and turning simultaneously increasing the chances of front locking before it tightens on you into turn 2.

The middle sector is less technical but it is important to not stray off the racing line too much as you will the compromise the entry to the next corner, this is especially important through turn 7 and 8, get that wrong, it will then effect the entry to turn 9 as well.

The final sector is fairly straightforward. Be prepared early for the tight hairpin that is turn 14, looking to brake just before the 100m board, any later than that and you may find yourself in the run-off on the outside of the corner. 


Please take a look at the onboard video below.