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Lets Race Circuit Guide - Australia



2014 F1 car lap record – 1:27.511


The 5.303Km street circuit situated around the outskirts of Albert Park in the heart of Melbourne has held some fantastic races since its inaugural Grand Prix in 1996, be it the inevitable contact into turn one or the notorious slippery surface should it rain, the Australian GP nearly always starts the season off with a great GP.


In terms of driving the circuit on the simulators here at Lets Race, being a street circuit there is little run off and should you spin off, the chances of an impact with a wall are very high. Albert Park flows very well if you can get it right even though it is a fairly stop start track, keeping apex speed as high as possible is very important around this track. You can use the kerbs to your advantage around here, when I say use the kerbs that means with your inside two wheels, you don’t want to get any more than that over the kerbs as that will unsettle the car and being a tight street circuit you will find yourself running out of tarmac very quickly.

The hardest thing about this track is trying to get the power down out of the slower corners. For example turns : 6&7, 9&10 and 15&16 are all double corners, a slower corner into a much faster (almost full throttle) corner, you will have issues at these corners especially if you are heavy footed with your right foot. Click the link below to watch a lap onboard.