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Lets Race Championship Final – Round 7

Lets Race Championship - Brands Hatch GP - Round 7

Round 7 was finalized by a race at the famous Brands Hatch GP circuit, all drivers had high expectations heading into this one and seen as it was the final race of the series they all wanted to prove themselves. 

Monday the 28th of October

Qualifying was a great opportunity for the drivers to asses the level of tyre wear they would have to contend with, this allowed the drivers to push the cars and pay close attention to their tyre wear gauges, Barry was one of the tactically thinking drivers for this round as he made probably the fastest stop we have seen in qualy to understand further how long roughly each stop would last; this proved crucial during the race, however unfortunately for Barry, Jamie Snelling had other ideas; he was after pole, to secure first place into Paddock hill, to rack up his stats and to simply prove his abilities. Once again he pulled it off. The qualifying order was as follows…

1st - Jamie Snelling 1:31.999

2nd - Barry Westphal 1:33.061

3rd - Michael Martin 1:34.327

4th - David Smith 1:36.650

5th - Chris Stevens 1:36.676

6th - Chris Carnell 1:36.824

7th - Simon Carnell 1:37.007



For this race we welcomed some old friends Chris and Simon Carnell, both had a huge lack of experience in the new Porsches compared to their competitors, however they managed to hold their own very well.

As Jamie lead the way into Paddock all drivers once again managed to achieve a clean getaway as they flew up to Druids, this was where we saw most of the door handle contact throughout the grid as many drivers went for early moves, still there was no severe contact.

Although there were no real issues with drivers wiping each other out there was however another problem at large…the cold tyres. With freezing rubber from the race start David Smith, Chris Stevens and Simon Carnell all fell victim to severe spins, Simon managed however to outdo them both and do this twice, (Congratulations for avoiding damage to you all).

Jamie once more managed to pull an early lead followed by less than four seconds by Barry this years rising star as they both threw the cars aggressively through the corners, however only moments into the race Jamie began to pull out a slight edge over the pack and Barry by braking later and harder than the rest which prompted a spin from Barry, this threw him about fifteen seconds further down the grid and the race continued.

Simon Carnell decided to go as far into the braking zones as possible and after the race analyzed his data trace alongside me and could not believe how you could fit a house in-between where he was braking compared to the leaders, it was Simon who was actually bravest on the brakes, however this caused severe tyre wear and prompted him to pit first. Chris Carnell, Chris Stevens, Barry and Jamie closely followed this stop.




As the race came to the final stages all drivers had reduced levels of rubber remaining, however Jamie had what seemed to be 1mm left available to him as he finished the final lap, fist pumping and shouting soon followed. We was also treated to a rendition of how not to do doughnuts which has resulted in a £21,000 fine to Jamie (news to you I am sure). Congratulations to you all and thank you for making our experience so enjoyable. We will finalize the details for a next series shortly and be in contact.

1st Jamie Snelling

2nd Barry Westphal

3rd Michael Martin

4th Chris Stevens

5th David Smith

6th Chris Carnell

7th Simon Carnell