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F1 Liveries A Crucial Part of F1 Cars

The Williams FW14, McLaren MP4/4, Tyrrell 007, Jordan EJ11, Jordan 191 Brabham BT44B and many more all shared one thing in common regardless of the pace they showed on track-great liveries.

The impact a livery can have on one drivers mention, or a team in the spotlight may be seen as of little importance or significance to the drivers in the cars or to the other members of the team, but to the fans I believe it means an awful lot more. No one wants boring cars, and if a driver is behind the wheel of a good looking car and pulls out some top draw performances, then of course it will get a mention! To top it off that car is easier to spot and people look at out for you more often so it makes sense to take some pride in the colours your car sports.

Many would agree that this year's cars aren't going to go down in the history books for their jaw dropping aesthetic appeal, for the new era of powertrains perhaps, but to comply with the new rules the teams have had to sacrifice the beauty of the cars. Some may say they don't think the cars are not ugly or it is for a good reason to find performance gains in the long run but why can't the teams have their cake and eat it?

Someof the cars mentioned at the beginning of this article, most notably the Williams FW14 and the McLaren MP4/4, did achieve both. They won most races they were entered into and the looked damn good doing it, they are poster cars that F1 fans would have plastered up on a wall or across a t-shirt, cap or flag. None of the cars from the last 5 years have ever reall made into into a 'Top 10' list. The cars of 2009-2013 weren't too bad apart from the stepped noses towards the end but they still weren't the best looking cars. We are becoming more accustomed to how they look now but if some of the older cars were to be brought together on circuit for one last hurrah you can imagine that people would flock by the thousands and to put it in the words of Jeremy Clarkson, 'have a crisis'.



F1 is meant to be the top line of all things automotive and motorsport which we all agree with, the current 2014 test-ready cars may appear a lot slower and ugly but over the season they will gain between 3-4 seconds per lap possibly and the noses may become more refined, time will tell. However even if they don't go through some cosmetic changes is it really that hard to give them some more exciting, colourful liveries?


Force India have the most interesting, eye catching livery as it currently stands (not to mention the nose) and we hope lots of other teams follow suit when it comes to race liveries perhaps. Rumours swirl that McLaren may have something else on the car by Melbourne, fans have made renders of how the McLaren could look which have produced some popular designs. It has now been confirmed that Williams will be running one of my personal favourite Martini liveries so hopefully the grid will look a bit more exciting and poster-worthy by Melbourne.



  It may not make a car go any quicker but from a spectator point of view the look of a car does have an impact on the interest and excitement. If a flash of silver goes past then sre you are interested and want to see who prevails ina closely fought battle, but if a flash of red and white, or blue and yellow goes past then you have more than just the racing to look forward to seeing, you have the beauty of the car for that split second to remember. It all sounds very soppy and reminiscent but the fact of the matter is that F1 have forgotten what it is to have an interesting, beautiful design to go with a well crafted car.

I hope this changes and we do see more teams follow the likes of Lotus and Williams to create some new jaw dropping liveries and cars, Maybe bring back some of the greats, or at least draw inspiration from them.


The people at 'Escape Artist' have put together some renders of just how good some of the cars could have looked last season if the older liveries had been applied to them. Would they look half as good on the 2014 cars as they look in these images? Have a look through some of our favourites below an tell us what you think. That Martini livery makes an appearance...