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Lets Race and eSPORTS+CARS Press Release

eSPORTS+CARS and Lets race

eSports+Cars joins forces with Lets Race as they invite gamers to head to Vegas

As the explosion of eSport continues to be the Marketing story of 2016, eSPORTS+CARS is pleased to announce that Lets Race has become the home of the Virtual Race team and will work on a number of projects with the team.


eSPORTS+CARS Join forces with Lets Race for Vegas!

Lets Race to Las Vegas

Lets Race To Vegas: finding the gamers fast enough to keep up with their racingheroes


As the global obsession with virtual sports continue to soar, eSPORTS+CARS announce a nationwide competition with Lets Race, the UK’s only full motion Formula 1 simulation ‘cars’.


eSports gaming is now bigger than Hollywood, as the sports industry clambers to sign virtual players – as West Ham and Manchester City now have - and acquire eSport teams to represent them in the virtual world.