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Is Drama And Upset A Good Thing For The Mercedes Brand?

The Mercedes AMG F1 team would probably have preferred a much smoother season with less drama. However all of the drama, tantrums and upset have kept them at the forefront of just about every story linked to F1 this season, whether it be because of their sheer domination across a race weekend, reliability issues or (more frequently as of late) driver dramas, Mercedes is everywhere right now.

Now as much as the team won't want bad press and problems internally, isn't any press good press?


The Mercedes brand is being talked about globally and this will have knock on effects to the automotive side of things as well as the motorsport side. The team trends worldwide on twitter which is marketing gold for a prospective sponsor. If the team trends, the sponsors in effect trend as they can be seen in images on the car and on press releases.

If the team look for more potential sponsors then right now they are in the perfect position to hook some big companies due to their massive exposure through social media feeds and reports across motoring sites, they are leading both championships and they have Lewis Hamilton-who is one of the most marketable drivers in the sport according to these figures. (Courtesy of Repucom.)

Repucom Most Marketable Formula One Drivers:

Top 5 Global Celebrity DBI Score/Awareness
1. Fernando Alonso 70.57 - 71.14%
2. Lewis Hamilton 64.91 - 63.65%
3. Felipe Massa 60.98 - 58.14%
4. Sebastian Vettel 60.64 - 54.30%
5. Kimi Raikkönen 59.98 - 56.40%

Top 5 UK Celebrity DBI Score/Awareness
1. Jenson Button 82.87 - 88.58%
2. Lewis Hamilton 81.69 - 90.74%
3. Fernando Alonso 67.21 - 70.02%
4. Sebastian Vettel 63.80 - 64.79%
5. Felipe Massa 62.66 - 62.32%

Top 5 Domestically Celebrity DBI Score/Awareness
1. Fernando Alonso 89.61 - 98.35%
2. Felipe Massa 88.84 - 99.20%
3. Sebastian Vettel 87.97 - 97.58%
4. Jenson Button 82.87 - 88.58%
5. Lewis Hamilton 81.69 - 90.74%

 If the team can fully resolve the internal turmoil they are facing and go on to have a clean, fair fight for the rest of the season to claim both titles then they are in a great position to attract sponsors with all of the exposure and interaction they have seen across the season. The potential ROI for a sponsor through mentions, interactions and exclusive content could be huge, if you look at the growth of the Mercedes team on Facebook and Twitter platforms across this season alone there is huge potential.

Even if there isn't a friendly conclusion to the Lewis/Nico saga and instead it gets tenser and more fiery between the pair, a company could massively benefit by hooking into discussions and reports that are written and talked about around the topic. The knock-on effect will be they are tapping into their targeted demographic and other splinter groups and this builds brand awareness and ultimately could bring a higher ROI.