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The Digital Age of Racing

Motorsport just doesn’t get boring. It was at 17 I began my journey into Motorsport and ever since I have been a huge petrol head!  Starting out at the University of Hertfordshire studying Motorsport Engineering the “buzz” that surrounded car, design and racing has taken over my life. It’s been a long time since those long days spent in the Library and sitting behind PC screens designing parts in CAD and running CFD programmes and a lot has changed in my life..... even more has changed in the world of Motorsport.



If you look at the automotive industry in the last 5 years a massive investment of time and money has been spent in developing alternative power units and power sources.  It’s no surprise that F1 bosses have cut back in track testing and focused on new power units with improved MPG, the world is ever more environmentally conscious.  The development of the KERS system in Formula 1 has directly influenced the automotive industry and we can now see Hyper Cars such as the McLaren P1 hitting the streets with F1 designed systems.  This I’m sure will improve further with the new Formula E championship kicking off earlier this year.  I believe after a first season I’m sure with some logistical issues this championship will become a self motivating business.  With the Formula E regulations evolving in year two and three we will see a huge development in Electric Motors and more importantly Batteries. You just have to look at some of the companies behind the teams: Virgin, Mahindra, Seagate and China!


With so much of the Automotive and Motorsport industry looking to cut back on emissions it’s no surprise that Simulators are being evermore utilised throughout.  With F1 teams leading the way the technology in the software is taking massive leaps forward.  No more are the days when you spend a cold afternoon sitting alongside a Kart Track wearing someone else’s Race Suits and Helmet. Amateur Racing has for a while now been migrating online with companies such as iRacing and SimRaceWay becoming more popular.  The only problem is.... Where’s the camaraderie? Where’s the social aspect of motorsport when you race online against opponents 1000’s of miles away?


Lets Race has been running for 2 years now and I’ve been here as the Commercial Manager for just over a year.  A lot has changed; we are becoming a venue for the like minded petrol heads! From Car Meets to Charity Days Lets Race has become a social venue for motorsport lovers. Motorsport has always been about the community feeling you get when you’re racing, the competitive streak inside you that wants to win and put you one up to your competitors. Amateur racing at its best can now be found indoors, in great venues, in state of the art Simulators which F1 teams are driving forward the development of.

Welcome to the Digital Age of Racing...


I look forward to welcoming and meeting more of the Racing community at Lets Race in the near future and if you ever want to chat sport please drop me a line I'm happy to chat!


Ben Stephenson

Commercial Manager


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