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China GP @ Lets Race

This weekend see's the return of F1 and it is heading to China! A very different circuit to the others on the calendar, it will offer some unique racing, unlike any other circuit ever run at Let's Race! The Shanghai circuit is new to Max aswell, after graduating from GP2 he will make his debut Chinese Grand Prix start this weekend. The circuit will be running all weekend, starting this Friday. Book your sessions now to ensure you are a part of the action!


 Max will be out on track for Free Practice One between 10:00 - 11:30. After the session time is over we will be posting his quickest lap on our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds so that you know what you are up against! How close can you get to his laptime or can you even go one better and beat him to the line in a faster time? We are hoping to see another strong performance from our friend of the centre Max Chilton and current results indicate that we can be hopeful the team will have another strong weekend.



With the new suspension system on the Marussia MR02 can they finally make that jump into the points? Both drivers are showing brilliant flashes of pace and it is surely only a matter of time before we see both Marussia and Caterham battling against the midfield consistently? All the action will be shown in the centre across the weekend starting on Friday. We will be showing free practice throughout Friday and also Qualifying and the Race on the respective days. If you are booked in on a later session then don't worry as it will be repeated throughout the whole day.


 The Chinese Grand Prix is a good mix of slower tightening corners and high speed straights so it will be a test of every aspect of a racing drivers skill set, being quick through the corners will be key to make sure you can maximise your exit speed and get up to speed as quickly as possible down the long straights. Most of the overtaking on this track is done into the heavy breaking points of the straights but if you are smooth and let the car flow through the sweeping bends in sector 2 you can make a overtake around the outside if you are feeling brave!


 All through Friday from 14.00 - 22.00 we will be running our highly anticipated 'Chase Chilton' again but don't be disheartened if you aren't around on the Friday though because you can take part in ANY session across the weekend to compete on the Chinese circuit of Shanghai! 'Chase Chilton' sessions will be subject to availability on the Saturday and Sunday. If you stay to watch the Qualifying and the Race on our 110" screen and are feeling peckish there will be Chinese themed food on offer and we will also be selling our twist on the classic Fortune Cookie. Inside will be a small insight into your future racing career here at Let's Race. A free Race Experience? Membership for the year? 10% off your next session? Batak use for the day? Any of these prizes and more will be found inside a select few of the cookies, it could just be your lucky day!