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Chase Chilton Melbourne Weekend

Chase Chilton Melbourne

Last weekend saw the return of F1, much to the delight of all us motor sport fans. It also saw the start to our amazing new competition, running each and every F1 weekend. Max went out during Melbourne F1 free practice, and set a very respectable 1:30.600. We took this time, and set all our visitors the task of getting as close to this time as possible, and we were quite literally blown away with the quality we got to see.

The fastest time was set by Richard Hampstead, an astonishing 1:27.461. To put the time into some perspective, the fastest time during the actual Melbourne F1 qualifying, was set by world champion Vettel at 1:27.407!! Yes for the competition we are running with driver aids on like traction control and abs, but this is a great time so well done Richard. As soon as we have your prizes ready we will invite you down to collect.

Now we move on to Malaysia F1 at Sepang, where we have a great new offer for Saturday morning where you can combine Breakfast, Live Qualifying and Chase Chilton from 7am till 10am. More details here