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Championship Trials - Round 2

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Last night saw the second round of our Championship Trials nights and what another great night it was. Our spreadsheets are starting to fill with data and the times are bunching together nicely in anticipation for some great Championship action to come. We will be releasing information very soon about how to sign up to the Championship, the format involved and of course the costs. Our main aim is to make it as accessible as possible whilst offering as much racing and time in car as possible. This may make any additional discount hard to offer on top, but we will make all this clear once the decisions are finalised and the rules in place.


So down to the results from last night and we have seen some interesting thing happening. The grouping between drivers is becoming more apparent, we could almost have 3/4 racing groups from these drivers alone. Some of you came along for your second go and it was interesting to see not everyone was able to improve on their times. Feedback so far from the two events has shown that it is not an easy task changing between such different cars. There are also some car favorites beginning to emerge. The '94 F1 cars are going down well with everyone. Some are not too happy with the choice of Benetton, but this will change over time and we wanted to choose one that not everyone was familiar with and is not so easy to drive. These are trials after all and we intend to test the drivers that will be a part of our Championship, with the prizes on offer requiring some quality driving skills. Below are the times so far after 2 weeks. If you have driven twice then your fastest time will appear.


Driver Names & Times
Rob Mayes06:33.1
Jamie Snelling06:36.5
Rory Quinn06:41.1
Andrew Finnen06:51.8
Alec Dunn06:53.8
Chris Tucker06:54.4
Jez Banks06:56.5
James Gannon06:56.8
Robbie Kenning06:58.3
Ian Richardson07:00.0
Bart Kurowski07:09.2
Micheal Martin07:09.8
John Hutchinson07:11.6
Scott Hubbard07:29.0
Chris Stevens07:29.9
Alan Arnold07:30.0
Chris Siddall07:35.7
Mark Bull07:36.2
Dave Best07:38.2
Scott Weller07:39.1
Geoffrey Price07:54.4
Andy Hilliar07:29.9
Paul Sales08:03.4
Matt Hynes08:04.0
Peter Selsby08:13.1
Luke Pearson08:26.2
Tim Pearson08:27.6
Tim Warren08:42.1
Rob Sziranyi08:43.7
Lee Champion08:54.1
Rob Press09:21.7
Glynne Tucker09:59.9
Chris Hilliar10:43.1