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Championship Trials - Round 1

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Last night saw the start of our Championship Trials nights and what a resounding success it was. We sold out in a matter of hours after announcing and have taken bookings right up to the last week of this round of trials, 22nd July. 


The reason for creating such events, was to give the Lets Race team much needed feedback and relevant data to create a worthwile and valuable Championship that everyone involved with will be proud to be a part of. The results from each trial round are not pointless, we are also going to be using these results to help us 'Class' up the Championship, making sure that every driver can feel competitive by competing at their ability level. At this very early stage of proceedings, we will be deciding the driver 'Class' by using the driver 'license'.


License's at Lets Race are going to replace the current membership. This means that the membership is no longer available and once current memberships have expired, it will be finished. This is not to take away the discount that our members have, it is to start a fresh with the lets Race brand and where we hope to take things over the next 12 months. We want to give regular visitors more in return and give them more ownership over what they are achieving by racing on a regular basis. So we have introduced License's that we will be controlling at the centre, with each license level offering something different to the driver. License levels will also feature on your details on our website, currently all of you have an R next to your name and this stands for 'Rookie'.


Taking the results of the trials from each evening up to the 22nd of July, we will be able to determine the License that each driver will start the Championship with, this will then tell us what class level to enter each driver into. Initially we will do this very simply by splitting the whole field of competitors in 2. We shall keep you all updated on what half of the field you are currently sitting in. From then on, each driver will be able to work on building up their License level through Championship points, full season bonus's and winning Championships. Each Class will have a different point scoring system, BUT even if you are competiting in a lower Class, you can still earn enough points to progress your License, we do not want to hold back drivers purely based on their results, lap times and driver ability.


The first Championship will feature two Classes, in line with the License's for now. This will be the Rookie Class, driving the Porsche Carrera Cup car and Amature Class, driving their pick of 3 GT1 cars. Whatever car they choose will be theirs for the whole season, so please use the trial nights to make sure you are making the right decision. Each race round will feature a split field that will see a mix of both Classes. If we can do this as 5/5 then we will, but it will be dependent on who can make the particular races.


So down to the results from last night, firstly, fantastic times, everyone had some success somewhere through their session, some coping great across the board and some struggling with the difference between the cars but picking up well in the open wheelers. There are two drivers clear at the top, separated by a very small margin, which considering the fact this was across 5 different cars, is very exciting to see. Remember these times are the best of each of your car times, added together to give us an overall time:

Driver Names & Times
Rob Mayes06:38.5
Jamie Snelling06:40.8
Andrew Finnen06:51.8
Jez Banks06:56.5
James Gannon06:56.8
Alec Dunn06:58.6
Ian Richardson07:00.0
Rory Quinn07:07.4
Bart Kurowski07:09.2
John Hutchinson07:14.2
Chris Stevens07:29.9
Alan Arnold07:30.0
Chris Siddall07:35.7
Dave Best07:38.2
Geoffrey Price07:54.4
Peter Selsby08:13.1
Luke Pearson08:26.2
Tim Pearson08:27.6
Tim Warren08:42.1
Rob Sziranyi08:43.7