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Championship Trials

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Lets Race will now be running Championship Trial nights, a new feature that will run in preparation for our new Championship offerings. It will give us a chance to test and configure the future racing championships, whilst putting the drivers through a trial process. The results of the driver trials will be used to assign our driver licenses. Licenses will then be used throughout the future Championships at Lets Race and will become a key feature in formatting the racing classes and how these work.

We will be running the Trial nights on Monday evenings, starting 24th June, from 8pm - 10pm. There will be 20 places available each Monday, with each driver receiving 50 minutes driving time and requiring just 1 hour at the centre. There will be 5 totally different cars to drive, with 5 weeks to come down and trial them so don't worry if you miss the first week just come down the week after! The cars that prove the most popular and entertaining may be considered for future championships.

  • *Drive 5 different cars on the night.
  • *10 minute session in each car.
  • *£20 per person.
  • *Accumulate total time of each fastest lap set.
  • *Result of the accumulative lap time will determine the license level the  driver will be set at on our system.
  • *License levels will be used to assign the class each driver will enter in our championships.
  • *Sessions at 20:00 and 21:00, 20 places available overall, 10 for each hour.

First 5 Cars

Clio Cup

Porsche Cup

GT1 - Aston Martin, Corvette or Lamborghini


F1 '94

License Levels (TBC) will likely be:

  • *Rookie - Baseline entrance level
  • *Amateur - Rookie Championship winner or in the top half of times set
  • *Pro Am - Champion or 150 Championship points
  • *Pro - 2 Time Pro Am Champion or 500 Championship points
  • *Veteran - 3 Time Pro Champion- 2 in one series and 1 in another, or 1500 Championship points

As you rank up and move through the licenses you will receive larger discounts, this is acheived by extensive test sessions, acquiring points on your license or by winning races and championships.

Our Championships are in development now and will continue to be developed whilst the trials are carried out. The License and Classes configuration will give the opportunity for all driver levels to be on track at any one time, in different cars, whilst trying to negotiate the tricky differences in vehicle speed and flag rules.

The first championship is likely to be in tin top vehicles ie, Clio Cup, Porsche Cup, GT1 etc whilst a future open wheel series is also in development and will feature it's own trials.

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