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Lets Race for Sports Relief

Fundraising for Sport Relief

Get in the fast lane this March and raise money for Sports Relief


Throughout March, Lets Race - the UK’s only full-motion Formula 1 race simulation centre - is launching a special initiative to raise funds for Sport Relief 2018.

Competition Time

Competition Time

Competition Time @ Lets Race

Lets Race are offering 5x Race Experience passes in their most recent followers competition run through FaceBook. A competition for all aspiring designers to redesign the Lets Race Drivers competition helmet. The currently very plain Arai GP6 helmet can be seen above and is in dire need of a revamp for up coming events.

Lets Race 2 Reality - Virtual To Reality

One day from my own history highlights so much of what is currently so wrong with motorsport. I was thrilled to finally be old enough to race a go kart, and I was quickly lapping the indoor track flat out in the junior powered go kart on my 8th birthday itself. After just 30 minutes behind the wheel however, my potential racing career would already be starting late and a decision would have been needed immediately on whether to progress or not. Look up any Formula 1 driver and you'll see that at age 8 they were racingtheir own go karts in a championship of some sort.

F1 Liveries A Crucial Part of F1 Cars

The Williams FW14, McLaren MP4/4, Tyrrell 007, Jordan EJ11, Jordan 191 Brabham BT44B and many more all shared one thing in common regardless of the pace they showed on track-great liveries.

The Best Of - The Australian Grand Prix

For the 17th time in the Formula One World Championship, Australia will host the opening round of the season. The 2014 season is the most hotly anticipated championship for Formula One in its history, and the first race this weekend should be an instant classic. Australia certainly is the best place to get off to a flyer...

Countdown Nears Zero, Time To See The What The Drivers Have Got For Us

16/03/14. 06:00am. That is the date and the time that the Formula One circus will begin the first show of this season only this year the car look and sound very different to what we have all become accustomed to.

Australian Grand Prix

Free Practice

The new era of Formula One kicked off with the season opener in Australia and it turned out to be one hell of a race. Full of retirements, rookies and wheel to wheel combat. Taking it back to Friday morning we finally saw the teams gear up for the first competitive weekend of the year after last season we all hoped to see a shakeup in the running order and we got that in some respects.

The Best Of - The Malaysian Grand Prix

Racecraft: Tuition Series - Understeer

Oversteer isn't a problem with this car, instead I find the car pulling towards the outside of the corner and the gravel traps, why is this?

Malaysian Grand Prix

The Malaysian Grand Prix has given us some great races over the recent years, whether they have been filled with rain, team orders or just great racing is another matter but as you can see by looking back at the best bits of the last few races it has never failed to offer something a bit different and unpredictable.

Brilliant Bahrain

The Sakhir circuit in Bahrain has never been associated with the best Grand Prix, but in 2014 it delivered one of the sports greatest ever races. Combined with the launch of the 2014 GP2 season and some FIA announcements, there is plenty to be talking about between now and the Chinese Grand Prix. 

3 And Counting For Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton made it 3 wins in a row for the first time in his Formula One career by dominating the Chinese Grand Prix. Has he got the measure of his opposition and the 2014 season or is it the mistakes of others that are allowing his awesome form to shine through?


Hamilton went into the weekend with momentum from one of his best races ever in Bahrain, some arguing his all time greatest, so all eyes fell on the Brit to produce another performance that would see him control the race and come away with the gold.

Change in China?

Meet And Greet With Max And Tom Chilton!!!!!

Meet F1 Driver Max Chilton and WTCC driver Tom Chilton

As Round 1 of our competition, Lets Race 2 Reality comes to an end, we will be holding a special event at Lets Race on Saturday 26th of April to celebrate the championship so far. 

During this event we will be running dedicated Lets Race 2 Reality Qualifying sessions between 7:30am and 11am. 

Lets Race 2 Reality - Round 2 @ Buckmore Park Kart Circuit

Pre-Season Test 1 - Jerez

The first and most revealing test was completed last week at the Jerez circuit in Spain. We saw many of the challengers for the first time, heard the new V6 turbo engines in action, the first ideas about each teams chances in 2014. Here is the overview of the 4 days for each team.

Red Bull Racing - RB10 - Renault

Countdown To The 2014 Season

The last time F1 saw changes to the rules and regulations that affected the design of the cars significantly was back in 2009, ruling out traction control and aerodynamic aspects of the cars. Jenson Button kicked off the new-look F1 by storming to the championship before Vettel shook the world by producing performances that can be likened to the days of Senna/Prost at McLaren and Schumacher duing his Ferrari days.

The Japanese Grand Prix

Free Practice

The Mercedes set the early pace of the weekend with a 1-2 in FP1, Lewis Hamilton led Rosberg by jus over 2 tenths, while the man who could've wrapped it all up this weekend was in 3rd.

The Mercedes looked good but they still seem to lack pace across any sort of long distance, qualifying and the opening stages of a race they are able to stay very close or even beat the Red Bull's for performance but after that they fade away.

Results From Round 6 Of The Lets Race Championship - Cadwell Park


For round 6 we entered Cadwell Park circuit having never used it for a race before, earlier in the morning we ran an F1 Marussia around to gather an understanding of the tyre wear and complexity of the sectors and we were shocked. The track is by far the hardest that we have come across; especially in a Porsche as the weight transfer is so vast and most corners resemble Stealth at Thorpe park. 

Monday the 14th of October

Racecraft: Tuition Series - Oversteer


I am told to be smooth on the throttle and my steering wheel inputs to avoid oversteer out of corners, but what is oversteer?

Oversteer is when the back of a car breaks traction and starts to slide around the outside of the car, causing the car to pivot and enter or leave a corner sideways. The lateral acceleration is greater than the frictional limits of the car and it becomes unstable.

The Greatest Races And Incidents - Buddh International Circuit

Here on our Lets Race blog, we are introducing a new feature where we review the greatest races and incidents to have taken place at the forthcoming circuit on the Formula One circus. We start with the Buddh International Circuit which has hosted only 2 Indian Grand Prix so far, but both have been spectacular races.


Racecraft: Tuition Series - Defending


Someone has caught up to me on the circuit, what should I do?

If you are being shown the blue flag, then you are not racing the car behind. To defend against them will only cost you both time, so instead the best move is to allow them through as soon as possible. To lose the least amount of time, move off the normal racing line on the next straight and lift off the throttle. Once the leader has passed you, get back up to racing speed and continue.

Lets Race Championship Final – Round 7

Lets Race Championship - Brands Hatch GP - Round 7

Round 7 was finalized by a race at the famous Brands Hatch GP circuit, all drivers had high expectations heading into this one and seen as it was the final race of the series they all wanted to prove themselves. 

Monday the 28th of October

Can A Runaway Points Leader Be Stopped?

Sebastian Vettel will go down as one of the most successful, talented racing drivers to have ever lived when he finally hangs up his race suit. It seems you either have to love the guy or hate him but one thing that everyone can agree on is just how quick he is.

Abu Dhabi Report

Abu Dhabi was the first race were Vettel didn't really have to focus on a target-he has one the title and some of the pressure must be off of him. Webber was looking to recover from a very unlucky weekend last time ou in India, he may not have been able to beat Vettel but he could almost certainly have challenged for a podium spot.

Racecraft Tuition Series - Overtaking


I have caught up to a car lapping slower than me. How do I get past without causing a collision?

Overtaking opponents can be done in a number of possible ways, with varying degrees of difficulty and when pulled off correctly, the results can be breath-taking. Both drivers have a part to play and must respect one another's space for the move to take place, as you can't both be on the racing line at the same time…

The Greatest Races And Incidents - America

Austin Grand Prix Report

The second event to be held at the Circuit of the Americas saw the start of any running for the teams delayed as the track was hit by fog, disrupting the medical helicopter.

For most drivers that wouldn't be the biggest problem in the world as they will have extensively run the circuit in simulators beforehand and some have raced their before, but or one Mr. Kovalainen it was more of an issue due to his 'race rust' having not been behind the wheel competitively for just under a year.

Brazil Weekend Report

The 23rd of November unfortunately saw the last race of the 2013 Formula One season, but it did give us a weekend of great racing with a lot of high points and unfortunately a few low points too. Have a read on everything we thought about it in this blog, our report of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Interlagos is one of our favourite tracks and many F1 fans. It is a favourite because of the unpredictablity of the weather, the flow of the corners and the opportunities it offers for drivers to really step out of the shadows and show their talent to the top teams.

Why Simulators Are Better Than Karting And Gaming

Depending on who you talk to, you will always end up with a different answer to this discussion topic. We share our views on which of three, home gaming, karting or simulators in opinion reign supreme when it comes to giving you your racing fix.


Lets Race Awarded TripAdvisor Certificate Of Excellence 2014

Lets Race are proud to announce that we have been awarded the 2014 Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor.

The Certificate of Excellence award is given to outstanding hospitality businesses that have received praise and recognition in reviews by TripAdvisor travellers.

We are thrilled by the consistent high rating and reviews you have given us and we hope to continue and improve this. 

The Digital Age of Racing

Motorsport just doesn’t get boring. It was at 17 I began my journey into Motorsport and ever since I have been a huge petrol head!  Starting out at the University of Hertfordshire studying Motorsport Engineering the “buzz” that surrounded car, design and racing has taken over my life. It’s been a long time since those long days spent in the Library and sitting behind PC screens designing parts in CAD and running CFD programmes and a lot has changed in my life..... even more has changed in the world of Motorsport.



Lets Race Circuit Guide - Chinese GP – Shanghai International Circuit

The 5.451Km circuit, first introduced to F1 as a new facility in 2004, is situated on an industrial complex on the outskirts of Shanghai making it easily accessible for both the locals, and F1 fans around the world. The majority of the corners are medium to slow speed corners, but with 56% of the lap at full throttle it is still a fairly fast track with one of the longest straights on the F1 calendar measuring at 1.4km.

Lets Race Circuit Guide - Bahrain GP

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:34.196

Race Report - Endurance Race Round 1

Lets Race 2hr Endurance Race – Melbourne GP Track

This being the first endurance race held in the history of the company meant we were heading into the unknown, much alike to our seven brave teams, which consisted the maximum five drivers down to two, this made for some very interesting strategies being played.

Lets Race Circuit Guide - Spanish GP

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:22.725

The 4.655Km circuit was constructed in 1991 is situated in Montemelo, Catalonia not far from the Spanish capital Barcelona. It hosted it’s first GP in the same year.

Despite the long straights the Circuit de Catalunya is not known for it’s overtaking with the modern cars creating so much downforce. In 2007 the final two corners (formally two sweeping right handers) were redesigned in an attempt to improve overtaking. This so far has not made any noticeable difference.

Indian Grand Prix Report

India gave us a good weekend of Formula One in our opinion. Free Practice was dominated by the Redbull Racing team, with Vettel looking ominously comfortable around the circuit every time he went out.

Alonso's went into the weekend as the only driver that could mathematically still beat Vettel, although his weekend looked doomed from the start with a gearbox issue during FP1. Alonso is known for still getting everything from a car come race day so it wasn't a completely closed book come qualifying.

Bahrain Infographic

Bahrein race Weekend - Bahrein Infogrpahic

Motorsport Corporate Events - Tips for planning an ideal event

Motorsport  Corporate events vs. the norm


The Perfect Plan for a Fun Packed Saturday in Surrey

What does the perfect Saturday with your friends look like to you? We thought we could help you with that. Here is an "all set! plan from morning ‘til late in the evening ready for you to enjoy it! Check this out.

Get To The Virtual Golf Driving Range Surrey With The Latest Addition At LetsRace

At LetsRace we know that golfing is a passion to some people and we believe your passion should thrive. Here at LetsRace we take pleasure in introducing the best virtual golf driving range in Surrey for everyone to enjoy when they don’t have the time or money to play the real game.

In order to make the game more realistic for golfing enthusiasts, we have incorporated the latest and most innovative golf simulators in the world so you can feel as if you’re really golfing out on the driving range in Surrey.

eSPORTS+CARS Join forces with Lets Race for Vegas!

Lets Race to Las Vegas

Lets Race To Vegas: finding the gamers fast enough to keep up with their racingheroes


As the global obsession with virtual sports continue to soar, eSPORTS+CARS announce a nationwide competition with Lets Race, the UK’s only full motion Formula 1 simulation ‘cars’.


eSports gaming is now bigger than Hollywood, as the sports industry clambers to sign virtual players – as West Ham and Manchester City now have - and acquire eSport teams to represent them in the virtual world. 


Lets Race and eSPORTS+CARS Press Release

eSPORTS+CARS and Lets race

eSports+Cars joins forces with Lets Race as they invite gamers to head to Vegas

As the explosion of eSport continues to be the Marketing story of 2016, eSPORTS+CARS is pleased to announce that Lets Race has become the home of the Virtual Race team and will work on a number of projects with the team.


Tom Chilton's record breaking 2017 and how you could be a part of it...

Tom Chilton WTCC


Tom Chilton returns to the UK and the BTCC for 2017 and has been at Lets Race to discuss the challenges of the BTCC and WTCC plus a sneaky practice to sharpen up his skills on our state of the art simulators.


Exactly where are McLaren?

The 2015 Australian Grand Prix will not be remembered by many as a classic race. It lacked grid numbers (16 drivers started the Grand Prix, 6 less than in 2014), strategy, and for long periods, action. It did however prove to be a major milestone for 1 team though - McLaren Honda.

Malaysian GP – Sepang International Circuit

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:36.176
The 5.543Km circuit, first introduced to F1 as a new facility in 1999, is situated approximately 60Km south of the Malaysian capital city, Kuala Lumpur. The Malaysian GP is a tough one on the cars and the drivers with the engines and brakes working especially hard in the humidity of Malaysia. There is also the factor of Mother Nature who often rears her head with the typical Malaysian thunderstorm bringing monsoon rain, and normally a very exciting race with it.

Lets Race design and install specialist steering wheel to assist injured troops

On Wednesday 18th March Lets Race, the UK’s only full motion Formula 1 simulator centre, will be installing a new bespoke steering wheel system into their cars ahead of a special fundraising event with KartForce - a team of serving and ex-serving injured troops that race in karting events around the country and abroad.

5 Novice Drivers at Lets Race 2 Reality

On Friday 23rd May 40 motorsport enthusiasts from all over the UK took part in the race of their life as they battled against each other at Buckmore Park for the chance to win an incredible F3 test experience with Carlin complete with a dedicated team of mechanics, data engineer and race engineer - a prize worth over £10,000!

Rosberg Completes Perfect Week

F1 Resumes With A Bang

Let's get straight to it then, the incident. Nico Rosberg has obviously taken a lot of the bad press from this one, and no-one was helped by Lewis Hamilton's post debrief claim that Rosberg admitted to crashing into him on purpose. There are a few angles to cover with this one, but I wonder whether 1 argument blankets the majority - Formula 1 usually protects the driver being overtaken in any manoeuvre.

Fuel For The Fire - An Ulterior Motive To Going Straight On?

The Italian Grand Prix was brilliant, the fans were great, the racing was incredible and the result has meant that the championship has closed up again. We got everything we want from racing, Jenson Button and Sergio Perez had some great wheel to wheel battles across the race distance and we got to witness Lewis at his best-charging back to victory after a worrying start. A perfect weekend of racing then? …Nearly.

Is Drama And Upset A Good Thing For The Mercedes Brand?

The Mercedes AMG F1 team would probably have preferred a much smoother season with less drama. However all of the drama, tantrums and upset have kept them at the forefront of just about every story linked to F1 this season, whether it be because of their sheer domination across a race weekend, reliability issues or (more frequently as of late) driver dramas, Mercedes is everywhere right now.

Now as much as the team won't want bad press and problems internally, isn't any press good press?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?

The 2014 F1 season has been spectacular.

Can Esport Racing Be Considered A Real Sport?

Sporting for centuries has been classed as a form of physical activity which uses skills and abilities in an entertaining manner. But can someone hunched over with a controller staring into a virtual environment on a screen also be classed as a sport?

2016 Super License Rules - Good Idea, Poor Execution

Formula 1 drivers have been getting younger and younger year on year. Alonso became the youngest Formula 1 champion in 2005. Hamilton claimed the record in 2008. before Sebastian Vettel's 2010 championship claimed the still standing record at the age of just 23. Jaime Alguersuari currently holds the record for youngest ever driver to start a Grand Prix, doing so at the age of just 19 years old. That record will be broken in 2015 though, when Max Verstappen starts the Australian Grand Prix for Toro Rosso. He turned 17 years old September last year.

Aero Dynamics - Wing setup

I know single seater cars have wings, but what do they do?


Few people actually understand why race cars have wings usually positioned at the rearmost point of the car and the front most point of the car; actually understanding the effects they have on a race car can dramatically improve your ability to get the most speed out the car as you physically can. As they say knowledge is power (or speed in this case)…


Lets Race Circuit Guide - Australia



2014 F1 car lap record – 1:27.511


The 5.303Km street circuit situated around the outskirts of Albert Park in the heart of Melbourne has held some fantastic races since its inaugural Grand Prix in 1996, be it the inevitable contact into turn one or the notorious slippery surface should it rain, the Australian GP nearly always starts the season off with a great GP.

Honda Starting On The Back Foot?

When Honda first announced their return to Formula 1 with the McLaren team, the decision to delay the launch until the 2015 season seemed like a cautious but beneficial move. The new hybrid power units are very complicated pieces of equipment so the extra year of development and the fact that they can use 2014 performance figures to benchmark their engine means they have a better understanding and chance to be level with their competitors this year.

Free F1 Fantasy Game

Free Lets Race Fantasy Racing Game!


Exciting news from Lets Race HQ here, we've just launched our own Fantasy Racing League competition which is FREE to enter and will run alongside the F1 2015 championship! You can now play alongside the championship as you watch it on the screens and see how well your fantasy team succeeds! Will you be number one on the grid and win one of our prizes?


What can you win?


Monaco Grand Prix Report

This weekend saw the new era of Formula One hit the streets of the classic Monaco circuit, some people including Williams driver Felipe Massa expressed their concern at the tricky nature of the tight, twisty circuit coupled with the increased torque and lower downforce levels of the 2014 spec cars.

Can Simulator Racing Ever Be Classed Professional Motorsport?

This week we noticed a topic in a professional motorsport group on Linked In about whether virtual racing can be classed as professional motorsport. It is a subject that has been discussed, argued and debated for a few years now with the increase in racing simulators and the rise in popularity thanks to competitions like GT Academy. We obviously have some extensive experience within the simulation sector, but we are also part of the Capsicum Motorsport Group, who own the extremely successful Carlin team.

Chase Chilton Malasya Weekend

Last Friday we kicked off our exclusive Chase Chilton event at Let's Race, giving you the chance to see how close you can get to Max's real world F1 time whilst being entered into our competition. Last weeks winner was Richard Hampstead

China GP @ Lets Race

This weekend see's the return of F1 and it is heading to China! A very different circuit to the others on the calendar, it will offer some unique racing, unlike any other circuit ever run at Let's Race! The Shanghai circuit is new to Max aswell, after graduating from GP2 he will make his debut Chinese Grand Prix start this weekend. The circuit will be running all weekend, starting this Friday. Book your sessions now to ensure you are a part of the action!


Spain GP @ Lets Race

On the 11th May what not come along and enjoy one of many special events here at Lets Race. Starting at 12:30 with a freshly cooked platter of "Barca BBQ" food consisting of two prime pork sausages, a lamb chop, a pork chop, a chicken fillet served with a side of chips and bottomless soft drinks!

Spain Infogrpahic

Find in our infographic all the necessary information to understand with great detail the Spanish GP circuit. Lets us know your thoughts and enjoy the race!

Monaco GP @ Lets Race

Widely regarded as the most prestigious race on not only the Formula One calendar but the entire motorsport calendar, Monaco graces our centre! Having seen the likes of Senna, Prost, Shumacher, Button, Alonso and Webber produce some of their most memorable performances there it is now your chance to do exactly that and put yourself into our record books!


Canada GP @ Lets Race

Lets Race has gone over the pond! After a few races spent in Europe we see F1 go across to Canada to a circuit that has produced some great racing. One of the more recent stand out events being the 2011 Grand Prix that lasted 4 hours, 4 minutes and 39.537 seconds. We hope to see as much action take place this year not only on the real track but on our virtual version!


British GP @ Lets Race

We come to round 8 of the Formula One calendar. The British Grand Prix, the home Grand Prix for 4 of the drivers on the grid. Max Chilton is a good friend of the centre and we have seen him set times in our simulator already so you have two benchmarks to beat, his virtual time and his real lap time that will be taken at the end of FP1.


German GP @ Lets race

Round 9, Germany.


The German Grand Prix goes back to the Nürburgring this year. Hamilton won the last race there 2 years ago, can he repeat his victory or will Vettel finally get that home Grand Prix win or is he still stuck in the rut of not winning races in July?


Championship Trials - Round 3

With only 2 weeks left to go for our Championship Trials Nights before the Championship starts, we have seen the field close up a bit, with the majority of the field now under the 8 minute mark, and 9 drivers even under the 7 minute mark. With so many close lap times we expect to see lots of competitive racing with drivers who know their cars well already and some who will develop throughout the season and may make some late charges up the driver championship standings.

Championship Trials - Round 2

Remaining Trials nights are running out already Book Now

Championship Trials - Round 1

Remaining Trials nights are running out already Book Now

Last night saw the start of our Championship Trials nights and what a resounding success it was. We sold out in a matter of hours after announcing and have taken bookings right up to the last week of this round of trials, 22nd July. 


Championship Trials

Lets Golf - Press Release



From the grid to the green with a burger break in-between

Lets Race, the UK’s only full-motion Formula 1 Simulation Centre, is delighted to announce that it is expanding the business to incorporate some of the world’s highest-spec golf simulators.

Chase Chilton Melbourne Weekend

Chase Chilton Melbourne

Last weekend saw the return of F1, much to the delight of all us motor sport fans. It also saw the start to our amazing new competition, running each and every F1 weekend. Max went out during Melbourne F1 free practice, and set a very respectable 1:30.600. We took this time, and set all our visitors the task of getting as close to this time as possible, and we were quite literally blown away with the quality we got to see.

And So It Begins...

As of March 17th we see the lights go out on yet another F1 season! Winter testing has never been so inconclusive and it looks like we are set for an extremely close season. All the teams have shown flashes of pace and the gaps between them have closed signifcantly it appears. Will Lewis Hamilton move Mercedes further up the grid and to regular podium finishes or will he have to settle for mid table finishes? And will Caterham and Marussia close the gap to the midfield teams and challange for points finishes?



Caterham Challenge At Lets Race


We are running a completely new event on 14th-16th May in a brand new car that we have never offered before. This will be a full weekend style event with 2 days qualifying and a final endurance race event on the 16th, all on a classic British track.


Caterham Challenge Format

Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th will be our dedicated qualifying evenings running from 8pm onwards. This is your chance to get your best possible qualifying time to improve your race position for Thursday 16th.


2013 Exciting Times Ahead


It's Here!


To kick off 2013 in style, we are launching our new look sim centre setup. First to come is this website. Our feature rich site offers stunning images of our centre and events, videos from us and our fans, real time lap times from our sessions, ONLINE BOOKINGs and all the latest information of the goings on at the centre. Take a look around and enjoy!


Online Bookings

We are nearly sorted with finally being able to take online bookings from our customers. Making this process easy and quick for our customers. As soon as we are able to offer this service full time, we will make it very clear on here.

Max Chilton And Sky Sports Visit Lets Race

Tuesday saw the centre host a Sky Sports film crew, along with Max Chilton of the Marussia F1 team. The day was based with neighbours Pro Perfomace first, before moving into our simulators for some track practice and testing. Max will take on Melbourne as his first F1 race, so what better way to prepare than taking it on in one of our simulators.

A great day was had by all, and some good footage of the centre was shown throughout the day on Sky Sports News. Luckily they even put it online for us so we can watch it again!

Online Bookings Go Live On Lets Race Website

Our on-line booking system is up and running, with the last week a great success. You can now book your virtul racing sessions for any day of the week, including off peak and using your gift cards, all through this amazing website. We can take payment and you will receive all your details via email instantly once the booking has gone through. Should you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Gift card payments currently will need authorisation, but we will try to get back with you within 24 hours to confirm the booking is all setup for you.

Lets Race In F1?

So Max Chilton has finally hit the track in the brand new Marussia F1 car to take his first steps as a full time F1 driver. Everyone at Lets Race is buzzing that someone so close to us has reached the pinaccle of motorsport, living the dream we have each time we climb into one of our simulators. It is no doubt going to be an extremely tough year for Max and Marussia this year, hunting their first point in the sport.

Fathers Day At Lets Race

Fathers Day is a time to celebrate our Dad's, show how much we love them and give them something they can truly treasure. They have enough socks and mugs to keep them going, we need to give them our time and the memories of great days out together. Pick up a Lets Race gift card and we promise he will have a day to remember with his family on a day of his choosing.

Call Lets Race now on 01293 826800 or book online

Sign Up Competition

Each week we will be giving away a free Race Expereince session to lucky new sign up customer!

Email Sign Up Winner: Week 2

Each week we run a competition for all new email sign ups, for the chance to win a race experience for you and a friend. Each sign up will stay in the chance to win for 4 weeks of competition time!!

Last week's winner was Alan Arnold from Horsham

Fuel Your Friday!

It is the weekend at last and we are sure you all want to get all pumped up ready for it and let any stresses and strains out by 'Chasing Chilton'! Every Friday we give the the chance to do just that! At the start of the Formula One season we brought a new event, a new challenge to the centre for you all to test yourselves against. Pitting yourself up against one of the newest talents on the grid this year, Max Chilton.

1994 F1 Racing Cars

Mclaren MP4/9

Donington Historic Revival @ Lets Race

30 years ago a Williams-Cosworth FW08C left the pitlane of Donington Park with one Ayrton Senna behind the wheel. On that day he was quicker than any other driver including the cars usual driver, Keke Rosberg. 10 years on from that Senna went on to win argueably one of, if not his greatest, F1 victory in the wet at Donington, when he leapt from 5th to 1st within one lap. He went on to win the race and set the fastest lap of the race with a 1:18.029.

Lets Race Official Marussia F1 Team Fan HQ

Lets Race are proud to announce a new partnership with the Marussia F1 Team, which will see the Surrey based race simulation centre become the fan headquarters for the Team racing in the 2013 FIA Formula 1 World Championship.


Lets Race offers 10 state of the art, full motion professional simulators for unbelievable virtual racing and is the simulated motor racing arm of the Capsicum Motorsport group; which also incorporates the rich heritage of the Carlin team who dominate the junior formulae in single seater racing.

2 Years On... And Bigger Things To Come


So two years since my arrival at Lets Race and the world of Simulated Motorsport. Wow, how it has changed my life and perception of business in the entertainment industry.  I’m thrilled to say that Lets Race is now a thriving business that has grown significantly over the last 2 years. For example our social media coverage has grown from 9,000 to the point where we now have 18,000 followers on Facebook! Remember we are a lonely single venue business based in Horley!

Lets Race Circuit Guide - Hungarian GP

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:23.450


 The Hungarian GP is held at the Hungaroring. The 4.381Km circuit has held a GP every year since the circuit was completed in 1986.


The GP is held in the middle of European summer which is usually very hot and dry in the region where the circuit is located. The track surface itself is normally very dusty as the track is underused throughout other times of the year. 

Italian GP @ Lets Race

Round 12, Italy.


The last of the European GP's has arrived, Monza. It makes for one of the most atmospheric Grand Prix circuits of the year, with passionate fans, fast cars and the potential for lots of overtaking. We saw another trademark charge from Sergio Perez there last year and with McLaren struggling this season they could do with him pulling the same trick this year... We will be following all the action live here in the centre while also giving you the opportunity to race on this classic circuit yourselves.



Monza FP1 Report | Lets Race

Monza offers some incredible racing with high speed corners and incredibly heavy braking points.


FP1 kicked off with a lot of development work for the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes trying revised front wings and overall low downforce packages to try and step forward two weeks after Vettel's dominant Spa victory. Ferrari are looking good at Monza, FP2 should give us a clearer indication as to just how fast they are as they will perhaps stick to one set of parts for the car and work on fine tuning it.


Monza Weekend Report

FP3 gave us much of the same as FP2, Vettel was quickest but the margin appeared to have dropped, with Alonso only 0.283 seconds down on the German. Ferrari looked quicker but the Red Bull still looked to be comfortably ahead. Our thoughts were that if the Ferrari drivers could find a bit more time, then Vettel would have had an answer.

McLaren looked to have made a step forward with their raw pace but as is always the case with the practice sessions, it is just practice and you can't get a true reading on the pace of each team.

Monza FP2

It was business as usual for Vettel, going just over 6 tenths clear of his teammate to top the time sheets for FP2. The Red Bull is usually weak in a straight line but Vettel began his dominance by going quickest in every sector, a very ominous sight for his title rivals.

Results From Round 4 Of The Lets Race Championship - Laguna Seca

With 25 crucial points up for grabs as we enter the latter stages of the season, all drivers had their eyes set on the best possible outcome, this was portrayed through the outstanding lap times that we saw in qualifying; Jamie Snelling managed a 1:28.151 to grab pole position whilst 2nd place, Peter Vemply-Burwood, achieved a 1:29.905.

Singapore GP @ Lets Race

Round 13, Singapore.

Singapore is always a special race of the F1 season, it offers racing that sees the drivers millimeters away from walls and barriers, as well as the added challenge of it being held at night! Singapore saw the GP2 series race there for the first time last year, along with the F1, Max Chilton was a part of that first race and went on to win the feature race of the weekend. Hopefully this knowledge of the circuit will but him in a position where he feels he can push and beat the likes of his teammate and the Caterhams.


Singapore Weekend Report

Free Practice


Free Practice one was arguably the only session of the weekend that didn't give us the result we expected. Alonso couldn't find an grip on the circuit it seemed as his Ferrari was visibly sliding through the turns, ultimately seeing him finish the session 1.3 seconds off of the leading lap time. Only the Redbull drivers could get within under a second of leading man Lewis Hamilton's lap time. Webber beating Vettel by 0.465 seconds, but still 0.365 seconds behind Hamilton.

Racecraft: Tuition Series - Warming Up Tyres And Brakes

Warming up Tyres and Brakes


I have seen Max Chilton and the other F1 drivers weaving their cars around on track, but why?

Sebastian Vettel - Villain?

Once the visitors for our Singapore GP Experience had left the F1 centre, there was very little talk about the Singapore Grand Prix. In a season of Sebastian Vettel dominance, even his greatest performance yet went seemingly unnoticed. From Saturday morning, those watching the remainder of the weekend race in the centre were looking forward to the race for second position. Nico Rosberg was the closest to derailing the Vettel train, both in the final moments of qualifying and at the race start.

Results From Round 5 Of The Lets Race Championship - Croft Circuit

With pole position up for the taking on a circuit that demands an early lead in the first lap all drivers were ready to put the car on the edge and set the fastest times possible, this was proved on lap 1 during qualifying when most drivers managed to throw huge heat levels into the tyres ready for an early flying lap. Qualifying resulted in Jamie Snelling on pole with a 1:21.511, followed by Rory Quinn in second. Gary Brown threw his name into the mix becoming the highest qualifying driver in his class; maybe he is a driver in need of a promotion into a higher class.

Racecraft: Tuition Series - Maximising The Use Of The Racing Line

Maximising the use of the Racing Line


'The Racing Line', a term used frequently at F1 and other single seater races but what exactly does it mean?

The racing line is the optimum entry and exit to a corner that minimises loss of speed and gets you through the corner in the quickest possible way. It is the shallowest turn angle through a corner so more speed can be carried through.

I have heard a lot of talk about either hitting or missing an apex, but what is an apex?

Korean GP Weekend Report

This weekend looked set to either make or break the World Championship, if Vettel dominated again then was there any hope left for his rivals? Or if the likes of Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen suddenly find themselves close and in a position to fight it could keep Vettel honest till the end of the season.


Free Practice Report - 05/10/13

Drivers Facing The Contract Weighting Game

The Korean Grand Prix hosted many fierce topics of discussion throughout this weekend, with more details unravelling surrounding the 2014 Championship, the Grand Prix Drivers Association meeting on Thursday night and such an incident packed race on Sunday. With the remainder of the 2013 Championship looking like a Vettel / Red Bull victory parade, most attention has moved onto next year, the extended calendar, the vast rule changes and the driver lineups as well.

Results From Round 3 Of The Lets Race Championship - Snetterton

Lets Race Championship - Snetterton - Round 3


Round 3 of the Lets Race took us to Snetterton, a circuit with different characteristics from both Donington Park and Oulton Park. Snetterton rewards the brave more than the conservative, those that brake late and commit to a corner will find themselves in a good position come the race.

Monday the 26th of August

Lets Race Spa - Francorchamps Race Report

25th of August - Race Day


The Belgian Grand Prix always gives us great racing, the weather usually has something to do with it, but this year the drivers delivered it all themselves without any input from the heavens.


Lets Race Circuit Guide - British GP

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:34.843

The British GP is held at the ‘Home of British Motor Racing’ which is of course Silverstone. 

Silverstone is the current home of the British Grand Prix, which it first hosted in 1948. The 1950 British Grand Prix at Silverstone was the first race in the newly created Formula One World Championship. The race rotated between Silverstone, Aintree and Brands Hatch from 1955-1986 but relocated permanently to Silverstone in 1987.

Lets Race Circuit Guide - Canada Gp

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:17.841

The Canadian GP is held on a manmade island in the middle of the St Lawrence river, Montreal.

The 4.361Km circuit was built and finished in 1978, it accommodated F1 from 1978-1986 then again in 1988-2008 then 2010 to present.

The last corner is home to the infamous wall of champions that has claimed the races of many champions and greats alike including: Damon Hill, Michael Schumacher, Jaques Villeneuve, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel.

Lets Race Circuit Guide - Monaco GP

2014 F1 car lap record – 1:19.799

The Monaco GP is held on the narrow, twisting streets of Monte Carlo.

With the first race being held in 1929, it is considered one of the most prestigious races in the world of motorsport. Along with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24h of Le Mans, the three form the triple crown of motorsport.

Results From The Round 1 Of Lets Race Championship - Donington Park National

Lets Race Championship - Donington Park National - Round 1

The 31st of August saw the first round of the Lets Race Championship take place around the National circuit at Donington Park. We saw 8 drivers battle it out across the course of the evening with a very close qualifying session.

A Look At Round 2 Of The Lets Race Championship

The next round of the Championship is fast approaching! The next round sees us go to Oulton Park which requires a smooth driving style through the long sweeping bends, and nerves of steel to out brake those around you into the chicanes and the 'Shells Oil Corner'. In the weeks lead up to the race it would be a good call to say Michael Arwas appears to be in a good position as he executed a flawless race last time out using a smooth driving style and timing his pit stops perfectly, so he will be hoping the same tactics can help replicate his sensational victory.

Korean GP @ Lets Race

Round 14, Korea.

Korea may not have proven as popular as they had first hoped but it does offer a very unique set of corners across the 5.615km (3.48 mi) circuit. Sector 1 offers very fast, long straights with some very heavy breaking points that could offer the best opportunity to make an easier pass. Sectors 2 and 3 tighten up into a much more complex series of corners that change direction quickly and require far higher amounts of downforce compared to sector 1.

Results From Round 2 Of The Lets Race Championship - Oulton Park

The 12th & 14th of August saw the second round of the Lets Race Championship take place, going to Oulton Park for the first time. We saw a total of 13 drivers take part across the two nights, on a brand new circuit it was always guaranteed to deliver a thriller of a race!

Monday the 12th kicked off Round 2, with 9 drivers lining up on the grid. 4 of the drivers were new on to the grid, joining Round 1 drivers Michael Arwas, Jamie Snelling, Rory Quinn, Michael Martin and Chris Siddall.

Corporate Experience Launch

Friday 16th August saw the launch of the Lets Race corporate experience. Our guests from a variety of motor sporting areas arrived, including the likes of Tom Chilton, Tommy Hill and Tony Gilham. The day began with a presentation from our team member Liam McLean, describing how the day would run and introducing the staff and the racing instructors for the day, Wyndham Wynne, Saxon Allen and Matt Millson.

Summer Holidays


Summer at Lets Race! Where the sun always shines and the cars are always fast!


Japanese GP @ Lets Race

Round 15, Japan.


Belgian GP @ Lets Race

Round 11, Belgium.


Lets Race Spa - Francorchamps FP1 Report

At long last the Formula One season returns to our screens! And what a circuit to return to!


Spa offers some of the most unpredictable weather on offer across the whole Formula One season, along with some of the best racing moments. This weekend is made even more interesting with all of the talk regarding the drivers market, the coveted seat at Redbull, and the charge Mercedes seem to be on. Has 3 weeks out allowed Redbull to reassert themselves as the dominant force in all sessions or not?


Lets Race Spa - Francorchamps FP2 Report

Free Practice Two brought the sun with it for he F1 Paddock to work in. Lots of dry running for al the teams has given us a much better indication as to who is currently looking down the barrel of a possible pole position lap time and possibly the Grand Prix victory. The Redbulls are looking incredibly strong again, finishing the session nearly 0.8 seconds clear of the rest of the field but just 0.06 seconds seperating the two cars themselves.


F1 Christmas Gift Ideas

We are fast approaching that magical time of year again when we gather together with our families and closest friends to celebrate those relationships. Once a year we show our appreciation for their help in getting through the more difficult times, remember the many better memories shared, and look forward to what lays in store in the future.