Lets Race is home to the UK's only FULL MOTION Formula 1 simulators! Race a choice of cars through a variety of famous circuits and enjoy a full driving experience day at our London racing centre.

Our 10 networked, professional race car simulators look and feel exactly like an F1 car, and move in motion as you would expect the car to on the track, giving you, your party or your colleagues an unforgettable driving experience.

Our F1 model offers speeds of up to 200mph to give you a real rush, while developing enough downforce to keep you flying round the track when you get to those tricky corners. Our cars also feature a booming sound system, creating an atmosphere that simply has to be experienced to be believed

Lets Race combines virtual racing with reality, creating a hyper reality driving experience that you can't find anywhere else. It's the closest you can get to racing an F1 car and feeling the rush and victory F1 drivers experience!

Choose a Driving Experience

Our blacked out driving simulation room comes alive while spectators can sit in the grandstand to watch the races unfold, making you feel like you are part of a real formula 1 race


Premium Race Experience

For those looking for something special, 45 minutes in the car!
Safety briefing - 15 minute qualifying - 30 minute race - telemetry data debrief
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Race Experience

Our standard experience, perfect if it’s your first visit to Lets Race!
Safety briefing - 15 minute qualifying - 15 minute race
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Practice / Lunchtime Specials

Just drive, 25 minutes practice, great for a fun lunch break activity!
Safety briefing - A choice of 5 cars to drive - 25 minute race - print out of lap times to take away
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Lets Race's racing centre is located just outside London, right by Gatwick Airport, in Horley, Surrey, and is easily accessible for everyone. There's no need to worry about the weather like with outdoor Motorsports such as go karting, as our simulators are situated indoors, so come rain or shine you get to enjoy the full racing experience.

Down on the illuminated grated floor, our 10 networked sims allow drivers to experience a wide variety of circuits, and a choice of race cars meaning you can race on the same tracks as the real racing stars.

Our race days are perfect for single drivers, teams and parties, watch the video to see the Lets Race cars and drivers in action!

Lets Race UK offer the best in Driving Experience Days Out & Corporate Events

Formula 1 or F1 racing is the most prestigious and exhilarating class of racing in the world. Highly trained drivers dash around tracks at speeds up to 200mph (360 km/h), pushing their heavily customized cars to the very limits of their endurance. Since 1906, these races have drawn thousands of spectators, and with more and more races being shown on television and streamed over the internet, millions of eager fans can enjoy the adrenalin of these phenomenal events.

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For most of us, the idea of driving a Formula 1 race car is an impossible dream. These cars are designed to seat one person, so riding with a professional driver is out of the question, and the few locations that offer F1 driving experiences are either extremely limited, with the cars never allowed to reach their top speeds, or prohibitively expensive.  A single 2 hour session can cost upwards of £300 per person, depending on the location. A full race day experience can easily set you back more than £1600!

If you’re dreaming of driving that Formula 1 race car, what other options are there?  Some event locations offer simulators, but most people find that these are lacking substance, and at best you’ll feel like you’re sitting in an arcade game or a kiddy ride. Why waste the money for something that won’t even begin to approach the full experience of F1 racing?  That’s where Lets Race UK comes in.

What is Lets Race UK?

Lets Race UK is the only Formula 1 Simulator venue in the UK that offers full motion F1 simulations.  These simulators are nothing like anything you have ever experienced before.  They provide the full Formula 1 experience without the need for any extra driving training!  It’s just as amazing as the real thing, and much safer than putting a bunch of untrained drivers on a track and just yelling ‘Go!’

What does Lets Race offer?

Lets Race UK offers the most comprehensive and amazing F1 Simulator experience in the world.  Up to 10 drivers can join a single race, each in their own simulated race car.  These simulators are able to replicate the sights, sounds, and experience of a Formula 1 Race, including the mind-boggling 200mph speeds and the enormous g-forces that drivers experience tearing around those tight corners. The only thing that’s missing is the smell of tires on hot asphalt.

The facility offers a variety of different driving experiences, whether you’re a knowledgeable driver or you’re just looking to sharpen your skills a bit.  The most popular packages, the Race experience and Premium Race experience, include a safety briefing, a 15 minute qualifying session, and then a full blown race.

Other driving experiences include what is known as the ‘practice’ or ‘lunchtime’ specials, which can be a fantastic way to kill a bit of time if you don’t want to spring for the full race experience.  It’s also a fantastic way to learn the simulators before you tackle your first big Formula 1 Race.

Don’t forget about your events!

Lets Race UK isn’t just a great place to spend some time living your dream of becoming a Formula 1 race driver. It can be a fun and fantastic place to host events as well!  Some of our most popular events include:

  • Corporate meeting or team building events. There’s nothing that says “We’re a team” quite like leaving all of your coworkers in the dust on our virtual track!
  • Birthday parties! Celebrate the day of your birth by enjoying a full Formula 1 experience in our simulators, while anyone who’s not racing can cheer you on from our grandstands.
  • Stag Parties.  Celebrate your last night as a free man with your friends and our racing simulators. Don’t worry ladies; we’re not leaving you out! We’re more than happy to host your hen parties as well!

If you’re not interested in bringing your party to us, we can always bring the party to you!  Simulator rentals are available, and the simulator that we bring out to you can even be customized with your event information or logo!

Refreshments galore!

Even if you’re not driving around an actual track, it’s easy to get parched while you’re enjoying the racing simulators. If you find yourself a little thirsty or a touch hungry during your stay with us, you’re in luck.  Lets Race UK is full y furnished with a sports bar and grill to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more on the alcoholic side, we’ve got you covered there too. Our bar is fully stocked and ready to whip up anything you could possibly want.  Plus, as an added bonus, there’s no penalty for drinking and driving if you’re in a simulator!

If you’re catering a larger event, give us a call ahead of time and we’d be happy to set up a great spread for your corporate meeting or stag party! Just make sure you call at least 2 weeks before your event, and you’ll be totally covered!

If you’ve always dreamed of a Formula 1 race car driving experience day, look no further than Lets Race UK. We’ve got everything you need to fulfill that dream, all under one roof!

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"Adrenaline pumping!"
"What a unique experience! Fantastic simulators, staff were attentive and informative, such fun for those taking part and those spectating. Cafe good value. We will return, can't wait, for all petrol heads worth the travel."